What I’m Listening To: January 2017


Yes…I know this is late. But, the ‘Favs & Fails’ series is late because it was getting a few ‘new year, new me’ changes for the sake of clarity and organization.

The first change is that music will now get it’s own monthly wrap up, while things like, books, variety sows, dramas, specials, current events, etc will become the ‘Favs & Fails.’ The second change comes in the form of a name chance, as you may have noticed. The music wrap ups will become ‘What I’m Listening To.’ Also, look out for little notes next to each of our music picks ‘Fav…’ that shout out things like stood out most that month.


Cave Me In

Fav Kollab

This the collaboration I didn’t know I needed or wanted!


The 1st Mini Album- ‘Don’t Say No’

Fav Album

SM artists aren’t known, at least to me, for having cohesive albums, but SNSD’s Seohyun delivered the rare treat with her solo debut mini album ‘Don’t Say No.’ Seohyun is by far my favourite SNSD solo debut thus far!





I really loved this song despite it being of bittersweet circumstances. There was a lot of controversy surrounding whether this song was actually a goodbye song for Minzy, and the fact that she wasn’t notified that a final song was going to be released or offered the chance to participate.

I for one listen to “Goodbye” and think of all the places Minzy would have helped make this song sound more complete, but I still love it, and it is, musically, a good place to leave 2ne1 on.


울리지마 (Don’t Make Me Cry)

Jessi came to remind everyone that she absolutely can sing, and I was here for it. I didn’t care for the music video and would have much preferred Jessi just singing to the camera with a bunch of CG effect, something like Zayn’s “Pilow Talk.”

가위바위보 (K.B.B) (Single)

가위바위보 (K.B.B)

Jessi makes another appearance on the list with “K.B.B,” which she collaborated with Dumbfoundead, Microdot & Lyricks for. I WISH we could have gotten a verse from Jessi, but this song was still very much lit, and was on repeat all month long!

That does it for my fav songs of January 2017! Tune in next month for the February 2017, ‘What I’m Listening To,‘ and check in with our sidebar throughout the month for the songs we’ve currently got on repeat!

Share your the songs you loved from January in the comments below or on social media!

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