[Shout Out To 2016] BEST Albums of the Year

I took a little break for the holidays, took some mental health days, got one with the fam, and now that I’ve collected myself  I decided to throw myself back into the throughs of stress by coming at you one last Shout Out to 2016!

I wrecked all my nerves trying to rank my 50 fav songs of 2016, so this BEST Albums list is going down the same way as the Honorable Mentions, in no specific order. Peruse the list below, then hit us up in the comment section or on Twitter with your favourite albums from 2016!

130 mood _ TRBL

130 mood : TRBL

by Dean

Purchase “130 mood : TRBL” on iTunes

6집 - Where's The Truth?

6집 – Where’s The Truth?


This is an FTISLAND we haven’t heard in YEARS! I am so happy to see them being their authentic selves, and getting to do they music they love rather than what is dictated by a label because that’s when we get the FTISLAND’s best.

Purchase “6집 – Where’s The Truth?” on iTunes

50 x Half

50 x Half

by Davichi

Purchase “50 x Half” on iTunes

The 1st Mini Album- 'Free Somebody'

The 1st Mini Album- ‘Free Somebody’

by Luna

Luna may be the lead singer for f(x) but she has always faded in comparison to her group mates (at least for me), and in 2016 she managed to stand out and make a musical space for her. I think this style of music is really suits her and her skills, and does more for me as a listener than when she just sings a ballad.

Purchase “The 1st Mini Album- ‘Free Somebody'” on iTunes



by Bangtan Boys

Purchase “” on iTunes

on-and-onOn And On

by Hoody

Hoody made quite the debut as the first lady of AOMG“On And On” was cohesive, it was fresh, and it was so different what the rest of her label is doing that she stood out even more.

Purchase “On And On” on iTunes

The 1st Mini Album- 'NCT #127'

The 1st Mini Album- ‘NCT #127’

by NCT 127

Purchase “The 1st Mini Album- ‘NCT #127′” on iTunes


Good Timing

by B1A4

Purchase “Good Timing” on iTunes

감정기복 II Part 3 심리치료 (Psychotherapy)

감정기복 II Part 3: 심리치료 (Psychotherapy)

by Swings

Purchase “감정기복 II Part 3: 심리치료 (Psychotherapy)” on iTunes



by Shin Yong Jae

Purchase “Empathy” on iTunes



by Big Bang

Purchase “MADE” on iTunes

Page Two

Page Two

by Twice

Purchase “Page Two” on iTunes


The 5th Album ‘1 of 1’

by SHINee

Not one the most cohesive albums on this list, and not entirely in line with their 90s theme, but “1 of 1,” just SHINee usually does, was a collection of great songs.

Purchase “The 5th Album ‘1 of 1′” on iTunes



by Yang Da Il

Purchase “Us” on iTunes

Seoulite (Part 1)

Seoulite (Part 1)

by Lee Hi

Purchase “Seoulite Part 1” on iTunes

7집 - UFO (Utter Force On)

7집 – UFO (Utter Force On)

by MC Mong

Purchase “7집 – UFO (Utter Force On)” on iTunes


My Full Name

by Chancellor

Purchase “My Full Name” on iTunes

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