[Shout Out To 2016] Favourite Songs Of The Year: Honorable Mentions


My 50 favourite songs of 2016 is over, but there were a few songs that didn’t make the cut but are still deserving of a shout out!

Just like with the TOP 50 list, there are other 2016 suggestions under some of the artists, and each suggestion is linked to save you search time on YouTube.


습관적 아이러니 (Habitual Irony)

넬 (Nell) | C

I’m not very dedicated to Indie music, so I usually find new Indie songs when I stumble upon them by accident, like someone writes a review, or they somehow get suggested to me on Youtube. But Nell is probably the only Indie artist I keep on my radar, and keep up with their releases.

“Habitual Irony” is a mellow, tune and I dig it.

Everything You Wanted

2nd Thots

Jay Park | Everything You Wanted

I know this song wasn’t technically released in 2015. My list last year was cut off in November and this song came out late December, but I didn’t hear it for the the first time until late this year. Therefore, it’s on this year’s list.

I feel a sort of guilt for enjoying this song as much as do, because I am very much someone who does their best to practice what they preach and I have vocalized a number of times my issue with the degrading of women and the misogynistic attitude towards women’s sex life in music.

If the message of 2nd Thots was solely that he feels uncomfortable with the concept of being with someone all his friends have been sexual involved with, I would totally be fine with that because that’s a bit of a sticky situation for anyone one to know they’re with someone all their friends done been with. And Jay Park sort of expresses a struggle with breaking up with this mystery girl throughout the song, but then he ruins it by smothers the song with “hoes” and “thots,” and shaming.

As you can see I’m conflicted, but I still enjoyed this song because Jay Park is doing one of the things I really want and need him to do as an artist which is sing R&B. Imagine what he’d accomplish if he cut the misogyny out. He’d have another song in my top 50 songs of 2016 that’s what!

Other great 2016 releases from Jay Park: Drive ft. 그레이 (Gray)Me Like Yuh, All I Wanna Do, Tattoo ft. 박재범 (Park Jaebeom)


Nobody’s Perfect

키디비 (KittiB) | Nobody’s Perfect

This song is GOSPEL!!! I love how KittiB has been delivering girl/woman power bops all year long. Nobody’s Perfect is the epitome of what KittiB does best, which is maintain this intensity and swag that rapper kind of need to have, while still being feminine in her own way. She is masculine, she is feminine, and neither side is overwhelming or unnatural. To put it succinctly she is authentic.

Other great 2016 releases from KittiB: Doin’ Good ft. 버벌진트 (Verbal Jint) by 키디비 (KittiB)

살찐 사랑 (Single)

살찐 사랑 (Excessive Love)

제시 (Jessi) | 살찐 사랑 (Single)

I really liked “Excessive Love” because it softened Jessi up. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jessi as a rapper, I love her strong and kind of intense personality because it is such a breather from what we get from all the other women in Korean music, but it’s good to see versatility, and that’s what “Excessive Love” is for Jessi.

Other great 2016 releases from Jessi: See Top 50 #44얼마짜리 사랑 (How Much Is Your Love) ft. 제시 (Jessi) by 휘성 (Wheesung) x 범키 (Bumkey)

Break Up 2 Make Up (Single)

| 너는 나는 (You Are Me, I Am You)

지코 (Zico) | Break Up 2 Make Up (Single)

Other great 2016 releases from Zico: See Top 50 #20

Bad Year (Single)

나쁜X (Bad Year)

산이 (San E) | 나쁜X (Single)



너무너무너무 (Very Very Very)

아이오아이 (I.O.I) | Miss Me?

Other great 2016 releases from I.O.I: Whatta Man (Good Man)

No Love

No Love

럭키제이 (Lucky J) | No Love

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life_ Young Forever (Special Album)


방탄소년단 (Bangtan Boys) | The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever (Special Album)


레이디스 코드 (Ladies’ Code) | Myst3ry

Other great 2016 releases from Ladies Code: The Rain


6집 - Where's The Truth?

Out of Love

FT 아일랜드 (F.T Island) | 6집 – Where’s The Truth?

I haven’t seen this side of FTISLAND in a long time, and all I can say is I am so glad they are back. We attended FTISLAND’s concert in NYC back in January of 2015, and I remember leader Hongki discussing how the group had struggled with not being able to do the music they wanted to do for a long time, and that they were finally free to release their music, that reflected who they are.

“Out of Love,” no their entire album, “Where Is The Truth?,” instantly brought me back to that very emotional moment in during their concert. They seem so free and authentic, and throughout the album I heard classic FTISLAND from when they first debuted.

I am looking forward everything they have in store from this point on.


Did we miss any of your favourite songs of 2016?!

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