[Shout Out To 2016] TOP 50 Favourite Songs of 2016: #1


Dumroll! I’m not even gonna keep you. Without further adieu, my pick for number one song of 2016 is…

멀리멀리 (Single)

#1 | 멀리멀리 (Far, Far Away) by G-Soul

G-Soul Knocked. It. Out. Of. The. Park. this year, with his single album “멀리멀리.” G-Soul was able to tackle the genre of Reggae in a way a lot of other Korean artists don’t. Artists like Skull and Ha Ha or to a lesser extent Rude Paper take the stereotypical aspects of Jamaican culture and throw them together to make a messy, low key insulting tribute to my my heritage. I don’t doubt they love the culture, and the music, but the best way to show it is with a song like “Far, Far Away.”

The distinct aspects of a Reggae song, the strong bass line, percussion and organ are all there. Paired with G-Soul soulful vocals and falsetto, “Far, Far Away” made for a very unique, yet authentic take on Reggae that was the best song of 2016.

Other notable 2016 releases from G-Soul: See #30

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