[Shout Out To 2016] TOP 50 Favourite Songs of 2016: #10 To #2


We’re reaching the home stretch ya’ll! All week long I’ve been counting down my TOP 50 favourite songs of 2016, and we’ve finally entered the top 10. Be sure check in tomorrow to see my number 1 song of the year!

130 mood _ TRBL

#10 | Bonnie & Clyde by DΞΔN

DEAN had another superb year this year! In addition to featuring, writing for, and working with just about everybody, he dropped a album that was hit after hit and “Bonnie & Clyde”
was it’s crown jewel.

I’m just looking forward to the bangers DEAN will bestow on us in the coming years.

Other great 2016 releases from DEAN: See #20, 130 mood : TRBL [Album], what2do ft. 크러쉬 (Crush) & Jeff Bernat, Starlight ft. DΞΔN by 태연 (Taeyeon), Shut Up & Groove ft. DΞΔN by 헤이즈 (Heize)

The 5th Album - "1 and 1" [Repackage]

#9 | Tell Me What To Do by 샤이니 (SHINee)

SHINee really came through with this number. I love SHINee’s Michael Jackson-esque sound, and I really dug the 90s thing that did with “1 of 1,” but their Soul/R&B Ballads are always my favourites! The harmonies, the falsettos, it’s all so good!

Other great 2016 releases from SHINee: 1 of 1 

Seoulite (Part 1)

#8 | 손잡아 줘요 (Hold My Hand) by 이하이 (Lee Hi)

Other great 2016 releases from Lee Hi: See #21


#7 | 우리, 같이 (The Fault In Our Stars) by 양다일 (Yang Da Il)

When I first got into K-Music, while I came through the door of Kpop, Ballads were the king of the industry. A music video with a movie-like story that comes for all your feels, a soulful song to stare out your window on a rainy day to, and you got me in the palm of your hands. Yang Da Il delivers easy listening with his style of ballads. His songs swell and shrink in a way that mimics a sense of swaying, and it’s relaxing to me. I honestly loved his whole album, but “Fault In Our Stars” was the stand out.

Other great 2016 releases from Yang Da Il: Us [Album]

For You (Single)

#6 | For You ft. 크러쉬 (Crush) & Punchnello by 페노메코 (Penomeco)

One To Watch | Penomeco came onto the scene last year when he featured for Zico’s “Yes or No.” Of all the songs Zico releases last year, that was the ONE song I did not like, so I Penomeco didn’t get on my radar.

This year however we got solo releases from Penomeco and “For You” was a great introduction for him. “For You” gives me Bryson Tiller “Don’t” vibes, it’s very catchy and very on trend. A definite must have for your playlists.

Other great releases from Penomeco: Ma Fam

아수라 X 비와이 (BewhY)

#5 | Someday by 비와이 (BewhY)

BewhY has such a unique aesthetic to his music hat I love. His songs tend to have what I like to decribe as a “horror movie” sound because it sounds very eerie, very vintage.

“Someday” is an OST song for the movie Asura, but BewhY’s signature sound was able to shine through so much so that it falls in place with the rest of his catalogue.

Other great 2016 releases from BewhY: See #10, #32, Beside Me ft. 비와이 (BewhY), 양동근 (YDG) & 수란 (Suran) by 코드쿤스트 (Code Kunst)

일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense)

#4 | 일곱 번째 감각 (The 7th Sense) by NCT U

NCT U is hands down my favorite NCT unit this far. The production for The 7th Sense was all the way on point , the song, the video, the choreography, everything was rock solid and a great introduction to this rotating boy band concept that we all were side eyeing SM for.

Other great 2016 releases from NCT U: Without You


#3 | 벽시계 (Wall Clock) by 신용재 (Shin Yong Jae)

I said it like fifty times already by Shin Yong Jae is DOING 👏 THE 👏 LORD’S 👏 WORK 👏. Like everything that he does, this song and the album it was released on are beautiful!!

Other great 2016 releases from Shin Yong Jae: Empathy [Album]

Safe (Single)

#2 | Safe by Dumbfoundead

I know technically Safe is not a Korean song, but I included it because one, it’s a great song and second it’s such an important song. 2016 has seen a lot of social issues reach, one of them being the representation of Asians in mainstream American media.

This issue does extend to the Korean music industry being that there are a few artists who are and have tried to make it in the States but have been met with a solid “Bamboo Celing” as it is referred.

We’ve seen and heard lots of artists try to translate the times into their music, and Dumbfoundead manage to do it in such a well balanced way. The song is on trend to what’s going on in American music, and the message is straightforward but catchy. I have literally not gone a day without listening to “Safe” since it’s release and I highly recommend it to everyone!

Other great 2016 releases from Dumbfoundead: We Might Die [Album]

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