[Shout Out To 2016] TOP 50 Favourite Songs of 2016: #20 to #11


I’m back with #20 thru #11 of my fav songs of 2016 list. Let’s jump right in, shall we?


#20 | Bermuda Triangle ft. 크러쉬 (Crush) & DΞΔN by 지코 (Zico)

I left a spot open on my list when I heard the holy grail of collaborations was getting ready to be release to the world, and I was not disappointed. I appreciate everything that each one of these men brought to this song. I am not worthy.

Other great 2016 releases from Zico: 너는 나는 (You Are Me, I Am You) | Other great 2016 releases from Crush: See #44, 잊어버리지마 (Don’t Forget) ft. 태연 (Taeyeon), 가끔 (Sometimes) ft. 크러쉬 (Crush) & 기리보이 (Giriboy), 9 to 5 ft. 개코 (Gaeko),


#19 | Drunk On You by 비원에이포 (B1A4)

This was a last minute addition, but I had to make room for it. I am such a fan of B1A4, but it had been a little while since they released an album I really liked. Good Timing is solid, and my favourite from the bunch is “Drunk On You” because it is so classically B1A4. It’s a real shame that their return as been overshadowed by the SNL controversy when they are the victims.

Other great 2016 releases from B1A4: Good Timing [Album]

The 1st Mini Album- 'Free Somebody'

#18 | Free Somebody by 루나 (Luna)

If Im being totally honest, I’ve never really, too much checked for Luna. I’ve always been preoccupied with the other members of f(x) or just f(x) as whole, but in 2016 Luna really blossomed and stood out among the crowd.

I don’t think Free Somebody was the perfect solo because for a while Luna was morphing into BoA 2.0, and we don’t need two BoA’s we need a BoA and a Luna. I don’t, however, deny that Luna delivered EDM princess realness, and made a name for herself as a solo artist.

Other great 2016 releases from : See #40


#17 | 빨리 전화해 (Hit Me) ft. Kush by MOBB

Other great 2016 releases from MOBB: 붐벼 (Full House) | Other great 2016 releases from Mino: See #21, (Body) | Other great 2016 releases from Bobby: See #22

TWICEcoaster: Lane 1

#16 | TT by 트와이스 (Twice)

Other great 2016 releases from Twice: #27 

The 1st Mini Album- 'NCT #127'

#15 | 소방차 (Fire Truck) by NCT 127

NCT 127 was one of three groups from the never ending rotation of boys that is SM Entertainment’s NCT project group that debuted this year. “Fire Truck” is very disjointed and has that almost signature SM mark of being a weird mix of multiple songs in one. And, though it may not be strong technically, the repetitiveness of the rhythm and the lyrics appealed to my senses.

Other great 2016 releases from NCT 427: The 1st Mini Album- ‘NCT #127’ [Album]

그 집 앞 (Single)

#14 | (The House) ft. 김진호 (Kim Jinho) by 베이식) (Basick)

The best way for me to describe Basick’s “The House” is as the Korean See You Again,” and I kind of get the feeling it was meant to give that vibe.

It’s a really great collaboration, a great love song, and it features SG Wananbe’s Jinho. What more could you ask for.

Other great 2016 releases from : See #39

Doin' Good

#13 | Doin’ Good ft. 버벌진트 (Verbal Jint) by 키디비 (KittiB)

KittiB came through with a real woman power anthem in “Doin Good.”

I did however think she made two small missteps, which was featuring Verbal Jint, the woman power vibe would have been that much stronger if she had featured a woman rapper. Also the casting and styling of the video was very reminiscent of Ga In’s “Fxxk U,” which only works as a distraction.

Other great 2016 releases from KittiB: Nobody’s Perfect,  음성메모 (Voice Memo) ft. QM


#12 | 땡땡땡 ft. 화사 (Hwasa) by 수란 (Suran)

Suran is giving all those who have ever been cheated on their official anthem featuring Mamamoo goddess Hwasa. “땡땡땡” is a nice and subtle, upbeat departure from Suran’s usually calm, easy listening sound.

Other great 2016 releases from Suran: 떠날랏꼬 (Paradise Go), Beside Me ft. 비와이 (BewhY), 양동근 (YDG) & 수란 (Suran) by 코드쿤스트 (Code Kunst)


#11 | Shalom by 비와이 (BewhY)

Other great 2016 releases from BewhY: #32, Beside Me ft. 비와이 (BewhY), 양동근 (YDG) & 수란 (Suran) by 코드쿤스트 (Code Kunst)

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