[Shout Out To 2016] TOP 50 Favourite Songs of 2016: #30 to #21


멀리멀리 (Single)

#30 | 우리 이젠 어디로 (Where Do We Go From Here?) by 지소울 (G-Soul)

Divin' (Single)

#29 | Divin’ by 긱스 (Geeks)

It’s been a looong three years since we’ve gotten a release from Geeks. Finally, after spending the last few years building their solo heeareers, towards the end of this year Geeks has started releasing music again, and “Divin'” is the first of two singles they’ve released so far (I’m assuming they’re building up to an album).

“Divin'” is more of why I love Geeks, they don’t follow trends, they don’t sound like anyone, they know who they are they continue to do them.

Other great 2016 releases from Geeks: 가끔 (Sometimes) ft. 크러쉬 (Crush) & 기리보이 (Giriboy)


#28 | Me Like Yuh (English Version) by 박재범 (Park Jaebeom)

Other great 2016 releases from Jay Park: See #45

Page Two

#27 | Cheer Up by 트와이스 (Twice)

“Cheer Up” is arguable THE song of of the year. There is not a TV show, not an actor, not an idol who didn’t partake in the highlight, Sana’s Shy Shy Shy.”

“Cheer Up” is everything that Kpop loves most, a bunch of pretty girl, a repetitive chorus, an infectious beat, and lots of aegyo, and I am all the way here for it.

Other great 2016 releases from Twice: Touchdown, Headphone

The 3rd Mini Album 'Russian Roulette'

#26 | 러시안 룰렛 (Russian Roulette) by 레드벨벳 (Red Velvet)

Other great 2016 releases from Red Velvet: Lucky Girl, Some Love


#25 | 아임미싱유 (I’m Missing You) by SG 워너비 (SG Wannabe)

SG Wannabe are OG’s of Ballads and are one of the best to ever do it! I have never NOT loved a SG Wannabe release.

“I’m Missing You” sticks to the formula that makes SG Wannabe so great, an incredible song with great build, a perfect balance of three vocal powerhouses, and a music video to tug at all your feels.

Other great 2016 releases from SG Wannabe: See #14, 사랑하자 (By My Side), 고백합니다 (I Confess)너를 그리다 (Dream Of You)

우리 둘 (Single)

#24 | 우리 (Runnin’) by 헨리 (Henry) x 소유 (So You)

I really loved “Runnin’.” To me this came off more as one of So You’s releases, and I love everything about her solo career, but “Runnin'” didn’t really do that well, even when compared to other SM Station releases, which is shocking since people seemed to be in love with So You’s solo career which is marked by these types of duets.

I think it was a mistake to leave So You out of the video and the promotion of it, and that might be what’s to blame for it’s subpar performance.

Lifted (Single)

#23 | Lifted by 씨엘 (CL)

This was CL’s best American solo effort yet.

The music video was very busy, it seemed like whoever put it together just put in every idea they had with no regards to an actual theme. As for the song itself, “Lifted” is a great upbeat song that sticks to the current trends in American music, Reggae, Dancehall, EDM, and Electronica. Best of all she seemed way more authentic to me as someone who has been following her since before her debut, she wasn’t trying to hard to be something and I saw the “old” CL (so to speak), which I loved.

꽐라 (Single)

#22 | 꽐라 (Holup!) by 바비 (Bobby)

Other great 2016 releases from Bobby: See #17

Seoulite (Part 2)

#21 | Missing U by 이하이 (Lee Hi)

Other great 2016 releases from Lee Hi: 비행 (World Tour) ft. 민호 (Mino), Official ft. Incredivle, Fxxk Wit Us ft. 도끼 (Dok2)

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