[Playlist] 12 K-Songs With The Word Christmas In The Title


Merry Christmas! Are you looking to take a break from turning up in favour of dressing in your ugliest sweater or fav feety pajamas as you bask in the glow of your trimmed tree? Are you in desperate need of a Kpop  soundtrack to help you get into mood of the most wonderful time of the year? Look no further dear readers! We’ve compiled a straightforward and easy, clickbait playlist of all the Korean Christmas songs you could ever need to get through the season!

Christmas Day by EXO

혼자 메리 크리스마스 (A Lonely Christmas) by As One & Yang Da Il

All I Want For Christmas Is You by BOM&HI

Lonely Christmas by Crayon Pop

Christmas Song by CUBE Entertainment

This Christmas by JYP Entertainment

My Grown Up Christmas by Ailee

It’s Christmas by Jelly Fish Entertainment

Christmas Wishes by Mystic Entertainment

It’s Christmas Day by Roy Kim

Lonely Christmas by 2BiC

Perfect Christmas by BigHit Entertainment

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