[Shout Out To 2016] Biggest Trends Of 2016: Shy Shy Shy


TWICE took the Kpop world by storm with their infectious and addictive song “Cheer Up.” Everywhere we turned we say people doing the dance, a cover of the song, but no part of that song went more viral than Sana’s famous “Shy Shy Shy” line, which found it’s way to Hollywood.

Shout out to one of the year’s biggest trends of 2016, Shy Shy Shy…ing, all the people who tried their hand at it, and everyone who convinced them to do it:

Benedict Cumberbatch & Tilda Swinton

Across the pond Shy Shy Shy-ing

The Women of Suicide Squad (Karen Fukuhara, Cara Delevinge & Margot Robbie)

Shy Shy Shy-ing through the confusion

Monsta X

Kim Ji Won

Yoo Jae Suk

Moonbyul & Wheein of Mamamoo

Leeteuk of Super Junior & Woohyun of Infinite

Baek Ji Young


Siblings who Shy Shy Shy together, stay together

Got7’s JB, Youngjae & Mark

Liam Neeson

When your grandpa Shy Shy Shy’s

Simon D

Real thugs Shy Shy Shy


And the list goes on, and on, aaaand on. Did we miss your favourite Shy Shy Shy moments? Tweet us your favourite moments of Shy Shy Shy debauchery @asia_247

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