September 2016 Favs & Fails

Another month another batch of favs and fails! The month of September was a good one for music and there was only one major moment of failure! Keep on reading for my picks for the best reads, follows, songs, and shows as well as the one low point from the last month.


“Someday” by BehwhY

BewhY is the breakout rapper of the moment after making another appearance on SMTM5 as a part of Team AOMG. He recently dropped “Someday,” his song for the Asura soundtrack.

I am already so hyped to see Asura: The City of Madness because it features all my favourite people, Jung Woo Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, Hwang Jung Min, Kwak Do Won, and Jung Man Sik, but this song, it was even possible, has me even more excited for the movie’s October U.S release (stay tuned for my review next month).

BewhY masterfully blended Hip Hop with this eerie noir vibe of the movie (from what I’ve seen of the trailers) and created a song that can exist independently of a movie and that I can listen to non-stop everyday without getting tired of it.

감정기복 II Part 3: 심리치료 (Psychotherapy) by Swings

I have a serious love-strongly dislike relationship with Swings. His music is bomb, but his antics outside of the music are exhausting and infuriating (we’ll get to that in the fails). This month Swings dropped a new album, 감정기복 II Part 3: 심리치료 (Psychotherapy) after a bit of a hiatus, and can I say, I am semi-reluctantly here for it. My favourite song off the album is hands down “On My Way” which features GrayBewhY.


This duo got mixed reviews from the interwebs, but I think their unit group was a success and delivered some serious bops and jams. I loved their solo stuff and their duo stuff. They were able to give me vibes and sounds that I haven’t seen or heard from them as members of their respective groups, which if you know me, you know is all I ever ask for when people do activities outside of their groups.

금토일 (FRI. SAT. SUN)

I have been a fan of Dal Shabet since they broke onto the scene with their super sweet “Supa Dupa Diva,” and in recent years they have failed to get me really excited about any of their releases. However, “Fri. Sat. Sun” is low key catchy and I find my self listening to it more and more. I guess four really is a magic number for girl groups.

The Good Wife

I really loved this drama, the casting, acting and the writing were all on point in every episode, so this drama has maintained a place in my favs for September as well. However, as much as I loved it, I am not ENTIRELY happy about how The Good Wife ended because I still felt like I have more to watch. It just felt unfinished. I didn’t watch the American version, but I did watch the series finale (I’m weird like that), so I am not an expert on whether the show is supposed to have an open ending, but I felt regardless of an open ending, their were some areas of the story that could have been tied up, mainly Kim Hye Kyung’s relationships with the men in her life, but also things like Seo Joong WonSeo Myung Hee’s father and his health.

My Feature On Seoulbeats

Is there a bit of bias involved in this fav, absolutely, but I have no shame about it. I do freelance writing for Seoulbeats as often as I can, and this month (well technically it was published on August 31st, but who really cares) my piece on the manifestations of misogyny in K-Entertainment was publish. In it I discussed the double standards women in K-Entertainment face as well as the culture of witch hunts for women who are perceived to have done wrong. I appreciated all the comments, and the likes and shares on social media. If you haven’t seen or read it, please head over (the header for this fav is hyperlinked) and let me know what you think.


#UnderratedAsian is a hashtag movement and Twitter account (linked in hashtag and header) dedicated to promoting Asian visibility in mainstream media as well as celebrating Asian greatness. They retweet and share their own cases of Asian greatness via their Twitter and I’ve been following them for a while on my own personal Twitter account, but in the last month I started sharing instances of Asian greatness from the world of K-Entertainment and the folks at @UnderratedAsian have been retweeting our #UnderratedAsian contributions.

I encourage you to share stories of Underrated Asians using the hashtag and help fight for visibility for Asians and Asian Americans in mainstream media!


Swings Had Black Face In His “Your Soul” MV

As I mentioned above, Swings dropped a pretty solid album this month but sullied it when his video featured someone in black face, the characteristics of that being that he had an Asian person paint themselves black IN ADDITION to wearing fake braids to dance in a field, something he could have just hired an actual black person to do. This, for me, put a damper on the album release and just brought up the other stupid sh*t he’s done.

While writing this, however, I did find out 1thK took the video down from their channel, claps for 1theK for that. I don’t know if it was his doing but I can’t find it anywhere else except what third parties have put up (above), and it doesn’t seem like he filmed and released a new video or made a statement anywhere, so I’m thinking he probably did not have a part in it’s removal.

That’s it for this month’s favs and fails! Share your fav and fails for the month of September with us in the comments below or on social media!

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