Tymee Isn’t Not Here For Idol Rappers & Unpretty Rapstar Catering To Them

Tymee, formerly known as E.Via, and an original member of Unpretty Rapstar, just dropped a diss track geared towards idol rappers.

On her diss track, “F*ck Pretty Rapstar,” Tymee calls out Unpretty Rapstar’s shift towards giving a platform to idol rapper who she accuses of using ghost writers, and because of which are hurting women’s creditability as good rappers, as good as their male counterparts. She also calls out the rappers who try to copy fellow Unpretty Rapstar vet, Jessi, only to end up looking foolish.

She takes a stab on the focus to look good rather than having substance aka writing well, Zico of Block B is the only idol rapper she has respect for.

Um…where is the lie?

I mean, I think there are some other credibly idol rappers, but as for her opinions on there being a whole lotta fluff coming from idol rappers….yes.

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