AAAWKWARD! Zico & Seolhyun’s Statements On Relationship Are Different

Block B’s Zico and AOA’s Seolhyun are…idols. Dispatch broke a story that the two idols are dating and released a bunch of photos of Seolhyun going into Zico’s house:


Both parties released statements, and while Seolhyun’s reps confirmed that they have something going on, Zico’s reps kind of colleagued-zoned Seolhyun.

“We confirmed with Zico that the two met during hard times as senior and junior, and are currently getting to know each other closely.”- Seven Seasons (Zico’s Agency)

“They grew fond of each other after relying on one another during hard times, and are now very close to each other. We hope you look fondly on them.” –FNC (Seolhyun’s Agency)

As for fan reaction, there isn’t too much outrageous about the relationship itself, but K-netizens seem to think this will destroy Seolhyun’s career and think Zico is a sleaze for “denying” it. But honestly the only fan commentary that truly matters is this:



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