I.O.I’s Remake of “Whatta Man” Is Great Except…

I.O.I just dropped their remake of Salt N’ Pepa and En Vogue’s “Whatta Man,” and it is great…except for the video. First off, we’ve seen this story played out in girl group MVs tons of times before, guy ignores girl, girl gets makeover, guy shows he’s shallow by hitting on her after said makeover, girl gets revenge by rejecting him. It’s redundant, and while I have issues with the repetitiveness of the storyline as well as the ridiculousness of it, that’s not my biggest problem.

My biggest issue is that the story makes no sense to the song (English or Korean). If the song is about a guy who is nice and unlike all the rest…why is the video about a guy who treats the girl who likes him like crap? I actually loved the dance cuts and felt those should have been the video, but instead what could have been a perfect release has been undercut by an obvious lack of attention to detail.

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