BLACKPINK’s Debut MVs Seem Familiar…We’re All Thinking It

YG finally stopped the trolling and released BLACKPINK‘s debut MV’s “Boombayah” and “Whistle,” and unfortunately for BLACKPINK it seems too familiar.

First we have “Boombayah” which is what I describe as a Bollywood-EDM song, and quite frankly it reeks of 2ne1. Aside from that the song was frivolous with a lot of ad-libbing and a bit disjointed with it’s transitions. Not good.

Then there is “Whistle” which is relatively a much better song, but again it seems familiar. The MV was giving me Red Velvet “Dumb Dumb” and “One Of These Nights,” 2ne1 “Come Back Home” and Ladies’ Code “Galaxy” vibes.

One could even argue that it’s a blatant copy cat of Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb” because of the treatment or the video as well as the car, table, and dance scenes.

This is (obviously) YG’s fault more then anyone else. We’ve been hearing about this group for four years, with member photos floating around and broken debut dates, not to mention we’ve been waiting forever and a day for 2ne1 and/or CL to do something, so the hype around this group was pretty enormous. However, just like with iKon there was such a big hype around the group from all the postponing and as a result fans/YG-stans had big expectations, but when they finally debuted everything was incredible redundant. Just as I would with any other agency and new group, I have a problem with the very obvious…let’s call it inspiration.

There should be five more songs coming from BLACKPINK this year, according to YG, if that’s true, let’s hope they are a better effort than these two and give the girls a stronger identity as a group.

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