Fei Drops “Fantasy” MV, The Internet Lets It’s Double Standard Show…Again

Miss A’s Fei dropped her much anticipated solo MV for “Fantasy,” which features Fei in her own virtual reality strip tease video. In roughly 12 hours after it’s release the video garnered about 230,000 views on Youtube, which is kind of low. The likes and dislikes are almost evenly divided, with likes taking a slight edge, and the comment section is as they say lit, which makes this video officially controversial.

I see people saying the usual about women singers who sing about sex, that it’s over doing it, thirsty, trashy, she’s a b*tch, you know typical double standard rhetoric. I personally don’t see a single thing wrong with the sexual nature of the video and song, my issue is the quality. Nothing about this seems musically or visually fresh, I’ve definitely seen this sort of style from a number of people (the comment section is almost unanimous calling this a Sunmi copycat). I will say, however, the lyrics and video concept are pretty unique, but again I’m not loving the whole package.

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