Complete Breakdown of Lee Jin Wook Case

On July 15th news broke that actor Lee Jin Wook had been accused of sexual assault by a woman referred to as A. A filed a complaint through a “One Stop Center (a police hospital for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and other crimes)” and the case was transferred to Suseo Police Station. Both the station and Lee Jin Wook’s agency released statements:

“Since it hasn’t been long since the case was transferred, we have yet to investigate the plaintiff.” –Suseo Police Station

“There was no such incident. After checking with him, he said that he doesn’t know about it. We will have to find out more details but we are quite taken aback.”

“First of all, Lee Jin Wook would like to sincerely apologize for any trouble caused by this unsavory event..We can clearly inform you that the sexual assault mentioned in media reports did not happen. We plan on taking legal action for false accusation against the plaintiff. Lee Jin Wook will cooperate with the investigation in order to reveal the truth. We deeply apologize to fans and individuals who have shown unchanging love and support.”


In addition a source close to Lee Jin Wook made a statement saying A is actually Lee Jin Wook’s girlfriend:

“They were meeting with good intentions so he cannot believe these sexual assault allegations that came up suddenly. I’ve known Lee Jin Wook for a very long time and he’s definitely not the type to ask out someone first or behave in a forceful manner. It’s regrettable that he got caught up in this unfair situation. It almost seems like it’s a trap.”

On July 16th, Lee Jin Wook filed a suit for false accusation against A, and his agency released another statement:

 “Once again, we want to sincerely apologize for the fact that Lee Jin Wook has been involved in this scandal. Lee Jin Wook will be faithfully cooperating with police questioning at the Seoul Suseo police station at a later time.”

It was also revealed that A’s questioning was completed on the 15th and that both she and Lee Jin Wook would be called in for additional questioning as necessary.

On July 17th A responded to the false accusation suit filed by Lee Jin Wook:

“[‘A’] and Lee Jin Wook met for the first time that day. They’re not dating, and they weren’t meeting with interest, either. The crime was committed the day that they met. This can be confirmed with their phone records…We hope that [‘A’] and [Lee Jin Wook] will take a lie detector test. [Lee Jin Wook] is actually talking about suing for false accusations. If he’s confident, we welcome all the lawsuits he wishes to file. Rather than showing an ounce of remorse, he’s insulting the victim with talk of false accusations…All we want is a sincere apology from the defendant. Right now the victim and the assailant are being switched. We won’t stand by for a second attack.”

And submitted more evidence against Lee Jin Wook, her legal rep releasing statements to various sources:

“Yesterday (July 17), while Lee Jin Wook was being questioned at the Suseo police station, we submitted various pieces of evidence to the police, including photos of [A’s] body, bruises, damaged clothing, and photos from the scene.”

“If Lee Jin Wook sincerely felt remorse for his actions and apologized, there would have been no reason to submit the evidence. If Lee Jin Wook continues with this stance, we will be submitting more evidence.”

“Because we just want a sincere apology from Lee Jin Wook, we didn’t submit additional evidence. However, Lee Jin Wook’s response seems to be aimed at making ‘A’ look like a gold-digger, so we will be taking stronger action.”

Additionally, Lee Jin Wook was called in for questioning and made a statement to press prior to entering:

“For the sole reason that I’m a celebrity, I think [‘A’] thinks lightly of making false accusations. Making a false accusation is a big crime. I’ll cooperate to the best of my ability during questioning.”

He has, however, been criticized for attending question with a rather  big smile:


During question he insisted that the sexual relations were consensual, provided text messages proving that, and provided a DNA sample to be compared to the DNA found on A’s underwear.

On July 18th a travel ban was  placed on Lee Jin Wook, and his agency released this statement:

“The travel ban placed on Lee Jin Wook is simply to expedite the investigation, and has nothing to do with issues of credibility or honesty. Long before the initial sexual assault allegations, Lee Jin Wook had a scheduled commercial shoot outside the country, and was to depart Korea on July 18. Lee Jin Wook, in order to minimize inconvenience to those around him from the lawsuit, had planned to go through with the shoot and go to the police station for questioning afterward. However, the investigation team laid down the travel ban to avoid any misunderstandings around perceived leniency…We felt we needed to come out and tell the truth, due to all the false claims made by the plaintiff and her legal representative. The plaintiff claimed in a press release that she had not met Lee Jin Wook with interest. However, during their dinner on the evening of July 12, she expressed immense interest, saying that she was a ‘huge fan,’ and that she had ‘liked him for a long time…If she had been a victim of sexual assault as stated in her lawsuit, we don’t think it’s possible for her to have acted this way…It’s suspicious that the plaintiff reported the assault on July 14, a full day after the alleged sexual assault, and it’s also hard to understand why, although she said she visited the hospital before filing the complaint, she only submitted the injury report on July 17, after Lee Jin Wook filed a complaint of false accusation…Immediately after finding out about the lawsuit on July 15, Lee Jin Wook expressed his deep frustrations to his lawyer, and immediately filed a complaint of false accusation the following day. He accommodated the police’s investigation schedule, and went in on the weekend to submit to lengthy questioning, submitting relevant evidence for review…As a public figure, Lee Jin Wook has resolved to be careful in his actions, and desperately hopes that, through strict judgement, revealing the false accusations made by the plaintiff, celebrities are no longer targets of lawsuits for the simple reason that they are public figures. Once again, we’d like to send our thanks and apologies to the fans who have sent us unwavering support and love.”

Also, later in the day Lee Jin Wook’s side released the text messages that they say prove he met her with good intentions, one of which show A sending him a link of a new restaurant and him responding “It’s close.” A responded to the released texts saying:

“It’s not a message sent to Lee Jin Wook. It was a simple message sent to an acquaintance of Lee Jin Wook to see if the acquaintance knew about the crime. Seeing that the response was weird and it seemed like the acquaintance knew about everything and was taking Lee Jin Wook’s side, she cut off contact with that person…That night [the night of the alleged sexual assault] A received a phone call from an unknown number and contemplated whether or not to pick it up. After picking it up, it turned out to be Lee Jin Wook. They did not exchange phone numbers when they ate together…Although she rejected his offer to come to her home and fix things, he kept calling and asking for her address. He parked nearby and searched for her home…A was trying to be considerate of the mutual acquaintance and thought that she might appear strange if she was too guarded. Furthermore, since he’s famous and has a gentleman-like image she thought nothing would happen and told him his address. After that he came into her house and committed the crime.”

Like with Park Yoochun and other cases like Lee Jin Wook’s I have no opinion on whether I believe him or not, however I will say his defense in not a good one. To say your innocent because you met her with good intentions is not a solid defense because all that really “confirms” is that the alleged assault wasn’t planned/premeditated.

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