Let’s Talk About Why BamBam & Yugyeom Are Wrong But Not Terrible People

Got7’s BamBam and Yugyeom got themselves in a whole heap of trouble this past week after video from a party celebrating the completion of their first U.S tour was shared on SnapChat. I wasn’t going to comment on this story because I felt like the issue was pretty much obvious, but based on some responses I am seeing, I was wrong in assuming that and now I feel the need to put my opinion out here on the interwebs.

The first controversy is with BamBam who came under fire for saying the n-word.

I actually feel sympathy for BamBam because this was a private moment and he was among friends and not in the public eye, also he did not use the word in a derogatory way. That, however, is in no way an excuse. I am aware that there are probably tons of people who use the n-word when they think no one is listening, but that doesn’t make the use of the word right. As a black person, I do have an opinion (and a legitimate right to one) on the word and how it can be used, and my opinion is that the use of the word by ANYONE, black or otherwise, is about intent and context. However, PLEASE do not take my personal opinion on whether not people who aren’t black can say it and use it to justify it in other settings. I am one of millions of black people in this world, and my person opinion is not that of everyone. It is basic decency that if a person tells you that you are doing or saying something they don’t like that you should stop and I never understood why that practice is called into question with this particular word.

His sister initially released a statement saying she would talk to BamBam and explain the word to him in the comment section of her Instagram:


and on Twitter:


BamBam has also issued an apologize, just hidden among the tens of thousands of comments on one of his Instagram posts (which to me isn’t very sufficient, but he did say will release a better or more formal apology):


But, to the Got7 fans who are defending him completely and saying well he didn’t know, he is from Asia and the word doesn’t have the same meaning, or American celebs use it so they don’t know any better:

I can tell you the n-word is and can be used in a hateful way everywhere, Korea included, and even if it isn’t with hateful intent, ignorance of it’s historical/cultural meaning is not an excuse. Which is a great transition into Yugyeom’s scandal.

Yugyeom was filmed (again via SnapChat) looking completed faded at the same party in L.A and came underfire for underage drinking.

Getting drunk at a party is not the problem, that happens. The issue is his age. Many fans and news sites are dismissing the issue by saying he is legally able to drink in Korea, but that is irrelevant. He was in the States where the legal drinking age is 21 and up and his 18. If cops had come to house for whatever reason (it was a party) and they asked for ID, Yugyeom, and the owners of the house (MARK’S PARENTS) would have been hauled off to jail for breaking a law. People (celebrities included) don’t get a free pass for breaking a country’s laws just because they are from somewhere else where it is legal. A recent example of this 50 cents who was arrested and fined in St. Kitts after curing on stage (which is illegal in the Caribbean). He can’t say well in the U.S I can curse, the officials would look at him and ask “are we in the States now though?” It’s legal for women to walk around topless (no bra) in NYC, I couldn’t go to Korea and do that and when I get arrested say well I can do this in NYC and expect to be let off. I COULDN’T EVEN DO THAT IN ANOTHER STATE!

Yugyeom and BamBam don’t by any means deserve to have their careers ended (or anything that severe) for these things.  Did Yugyeom break a law? ABSOLUTELY! Was BamBam offensive to some of his fans? ABSOLUTELY! Does he deserve to be called a racist? Absolutely NOT! Were they both wrong? ABSOLUTELY. Should they address it properly? ABSOLUTELY! However, I am more bothered by fans who are dismissing this offenses. Fans need to stop making up excuses when their favourite celebs do something wrong. The excuses wouldn’t fly if you did these things. This constant dismissal of their wrong doings (when they are actually wrong) is why they continue to do things like use the N-Word. Mark’s friends are not a “bad influence”…they are his friends, he knows best what type of people they are! Fans don’t know Got7 (or any celebrity) personally to know if this behaviour is out of character for them. They’re grown ups, they made some pretty big mistakes, and now they need to own up to it. End of conversation.

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