Kang In Gets Off With A Slap On The Wrist, Which Is COMPLETE Sh*t

That a man who admits he was driving drunk and while he was doing that illegal activity felt his car hit an object and did not stop nor get out to see whether it was a person or not gets to keep his license, stay out of jail, and only had to pay about $6000 USD, which is NO inconvenience to him, is…shit.

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9 thoughts on “Kang In Gets Off With A Slap On The Wrist, Which Is COMPLETE Sh*t

  1. And to add those words, I think that a comeback (SJ) is on the way, so for him the show must go on without any problems. Funny is that artists like Gill and Verbal Jint (and many others) has to stay in the corner on a dark room for months, a year or more to reflecting about their acts… That’s the cute thing about the double standars in SK…

      1. Oh, really? I think it’s time for him to face certain consequences… I think it’s the best. It is not the first time he have problems where alcohol is involved. I think that really need help… I hope it’s for his own good. He was my favorite SJ member…

      2. It’s sad… but let’s move on then!! I mean, K-pop is a world full of diversity!! Haha!!

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