Iron Is Mad At The System (And YG Artists) In New MV

Iron (that rapper from Jonghyun’s “Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)”) dropped a MV for his song “System” last week.

I didn’t pay much attention to it because I thought it was laughable that this young rapper got caught with some weed once and already knows about “the system.” But, ever since hearing about his YG disses in the song, I’ve been waiting for someone to sub this video, and it’s finally here:

I semi understand why Iron might be mad about his weed charges. I live in the U.S where one half of the country is making millions every year selling weed, and the other half is having to spend large chunks of their life in jail for doing the same thing on a much smaller scale. I get that he might feel that system is stacked against him. But, I also don’t get why he just hauled off and cursed out everyone at YG.

There is a running argument among netizens that YG artists get off with a slap on the wrist while other’s have their careers ruined, but if we compare Iron’s experience to the artists he disses, I don’t get why he’s so mad.

Why is he so mad at T.O.P, because he has a lucrative career in acting and rapping? He don’t have any drug charges…that I know of. And he has never claimed to be the hardest rapper out in these streets. He’s just out here minding his business and giving no fucks. Park Bom’s drug charge happened before she debuted as a member of 2ne1, and I don’t know if anyone has noticed but her career pretty much ended after it became public. Where is Park Bom? Where is 2ne1? As for G-Dragon, that lame excuse about being giving a cigarette, and not knowing it was weed until he took a light puff after which he throw away the cigarette ain’t foolin’ nobody. But he had to go on a hiatus as well following that scandal.

I think it’s kind of laughable that Iron, who clearly isn’t out of the game yet, is speaking on “the system” when there are people who had worse issues them him making comebacks and doing fine out here in these streets (Bumkey). What’s funnier is he’s got the comment sections lit with co-signers going against mad as hell fans. Your media play is working and I ain’t mad at it.

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