Fifth Woman Files Suit Against Park Yoochun

Earlier this month four women came forward with lawsuits against JYJ’s Park Yoochun for molesting them. Now a FIFTH woman has come forward telling a similar encounter as the women so far.

In an interview with Dispatch, the women (we will refer to her as E) said she was assaulted by Yoochun but did not report it at time. Her reason being “Who would believe a woman who works at an adult entertainment bar?…Would it be resolved if I reported it? Everyone would curse me. No one would believe me. I was afraid people would find it ridiculous a woman who worked at an adult entertainment bar could claim rape.”

According to E, on the night of the assault Yoochun came to her job at 10cafe as a customer, after bad started playing he called her into the bathroom where he tried to rape her in the bathroom.

“The band came in. The music was on. Yoochun called me into the bathroom. He then tried to force me to have relations with him.”

She says no one came to her aid in the bathroom and she denied him the entire time.

In a chat log with a friend Dispatch confirmed her texting a friend saying:

“I was almost raped. Park Yoochun (expletive).”

Her coworkers (we will refer to them as C1 and C2) were also interviews and while they were “reluctant to use the terms ‘sexual assault’ or ‘rape,’ they did make these statements:

“When the band started playing, he would go to the bathroom with a partner. We don’t know what happened in the bathroom. You can’t hear anything because of the band….When Yoochun went into the bathroom, his acquaintances would laugh. It seemed as if they knew what happened in there. We suspected it, but weren’t sure.”

“Of course, maybe some women did it because they wanted to. However, we’re sure there are some who didn’t want to. Still, it’d be difficult to come out with something like this because we do this kind of work. They’d probably have all sorts of thoughts going through their heads.”

You can find the fill translated interview here

Additionally, a travel ban was placed on Yoochun as well as the first accuser and her boyfriend and cousin on the 24th by Seoul Gangnam Police.

Also there have been reports saying “all four women stated that at the times of the sexual assaults, Park Yoochun grabbed the handle to the bathroom door and would not let them leave. They said that while they had limits due to their employment at the adult entertainment establishment, they tried to resist as much as they could. Some testified that Park Yoochun forced them to their knees with his hands on their shoulders.”

I already stated my opinions on the situation, and it’s still the same. While the first case seems a bit suspicious in terms of asking for money, we are talking about FIVE cases all with nearly identical scenarios. To say they are ALL liars is completely unfair.

Sources: Asian Junkie | Soompi: 1, 2

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