All The Deets On Kim Min Hee/Hong Sang Soo Affair Scandal

Actress Kim Min Hee, 34, (you may know here are Jo In Sung’s ex) is now wrapped up in a scandal for dating MARRIED, 56-year-old director Hong Sang Soo for about a year. It’s being said that he left his wife of 30 years whom he has one daughter with about 9 months ago in September. The two met on the set of their movie Right Now, Wrong Then, released in 2015.

Other than that nothing is completely confirmed, but apparent Kim Min Hee knew he was married and allegedly told his wife when confronted: “you should’ve managed your husband better.” Also it’s being said he stopped paying for his daughter’s education to support Kim Min Hee since she has been cut from her CF jobs. The wife has also allegedly decided NOT to give hi a divorce and just wait for him to return.

In addition, this seems to have been a well know relationship in the industry and even her agency decided not to renew her contract.

So far there is no statement from the two, but stay tuned to Asia 24/7 for more news as it is released.

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