And You Can Fight Me On This: Best Songs of 2016 (So Far…)

Last year June sort of snuck up on me…and then passed completely before I realized I never did a mid year round of the best songs of 2015. Well, again June snuck up on me, but this time I won’t let it pass by without sharing my list of fav K-songs of 2016 (so far).

This year I’m gonna change things up and rather than get all technically and reviewing the songs, I’ll keep things light and fun and easy with a good old fashion listicle (in no specific order).

“Safe,” Dumbfoundead

“멀리멀리 (Far, Far Away),” G-Soul

“The 7th Sense,” NCT-U

“No Love,” Lucky J

“Save Me,” Bangtan Boys

Bangtan Boys Honorable Mentions: 불타오르네 (Fire)

“Toy,” Block B

Block B Honorable Mentions: 몇 년 후에 (A Few Years Later)

“찔려 (Sting),” Stellar

“Monster,” EXO

EXO Honorable Mentions: 유리어항 (One and Only), Artificial Love, Cloud 9

“손잡아 줘요 (Hold My Hand),” Lee Hi

Lee Hi Honorable Mentions: “Fxxk Wit Us ft. 도끼 (Dok2),” “비행 (World Tour) ft. 민호 (Mino),” “Missing U,” “Official ft. Incredivle”

“살찐 사랑 (Excessive Love),” Jessi

“땡땡땡 ft. 화사 (Hwasa),” Suran

“너는 나 나는 너 (You Are Me, I Am You),” Zico

“넌 is 뭔들 (You’re The Best),” Mamamoo

“Better Man ft. 타블로 (Tablo),” 범키 (Bumkey)

There you have it, my list of the 14 best songs of the year so far. I didn’t find myself LOVING too many songs this first half of 2016, hence the smaller than usual list.

Don’t see your favourite songs? Share your picks for best songs of 2016 (so far) with us in the comments below!

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