Additional Third And Fourth Charges Filed Against Park Yoochun, Here’s The Breakdown

Okay. So, on June 13th news broke that Park Yoochun had a lawsuit filed against him for sexual assault (this woman will be referred to as A). Then the next day it was revealed that charges were dropped, possibly due to a misunderstanding, but the police confirmed they would continue investigating. Then, on June 15th a second suit was filed by another women (we will refer to her as B) saying she was assaulted in December of 2015.

On the 16th a third charge was filed (we will refer to her as C) in which she revealed that she was sexually assaulted by Park Yoochun two years ago on June 12, 2014 around 4 a.m. C says she met Park Yoochun while drinking at a adult entertainment bar on the night of June 11, 2014 in Gangnam. C and a group of people went to Park Yoochun’s house, where he took her to his bathroom and raped her.

Later that same day, June 16th it was revealed that the woman who filed the second suit, and who was being criticized by the public for waiting so long, had actually filed her suit immediately after the assault took place, calling police at about 3:20 am. Police responded to confirm the assault, recieved a testimony, made a report, but B ended up withdrawing her statement despite the police suggested investigating, due to her fear of engaging in a legal battle with a celebrity. Instead, she did receive counseling for the trauma.

C-Jes then released a second statement:

“We sincerely apologize for becoming involved in an incident that is greatly affecting society.

C-JeS Entertainment has tried to refrain from responding to all the various reports regarding Park Yoochun.

It is because we thought it was the proper order to respond legally only after police investigation results came out, rather than to respond to the media when the truth has yet to be determined.

But we have come to see that it is meaningless to wait for the police results as we have observed the various indiscriminate allegations being lodged against Park Yoochun.

First, we plan to file a complaint on Monday of blackmail and false accusations in regards to the first [sexual assault] allegation, of which the facts have been determined, to the Gangnam Police.

As soon as the facts have been determined for the second case, we plan to also strongly respond.

We plan to actively cooperate with the police investigation to prove Park Yoochun’s innocence and for the rehabilitation of his image.” (Source: Soompi)

Then it was revealed by Dispatch that C-Jes may have used intimidation to keep the inital case from going public. C-Jes’ CEO met with A’s boyfriend when he contacted them about the assualy. They tried to reach a settlement without going to the authorities or the media, and even had the boyfriend meet with the CEO’s father, who is a known family member of a gang. When the boyfriend found out that after the alleged rape, Park Yoochun’s friends/crew approached A saying, “You did it in the washroom right? Come on let’s have a go with me too,” he decided to file charges. He ended up dropping the case for reasons unknown, but apparently partially out of worry for Yoochun

“The issue blew out of proportion and I think Yoochun has suffered enough damage.”

Now, a fourth charge as been revealed (the women in this case will be referred to as D). All that is known is that it took place in February of 2015, but there is some discrepancy on the exact date (Source: @paulisteu & Asian Junkie)

Additionally, JYJ’s official fansite, DC JYJ Gallery, has decided NOT to support Park Yoochun.

“1. Starting from June 17, 2016, DC JYJ Gallery will only support Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu.

2. We criticize Park Yoochun who has stirred up scandals in society. We will boycott any activities and contents related to him from now on.

3. DC JYJ Gallery has supported Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu since they sued their former agency for unjust contracts in 2009. One of the reasons why we’ve been with them for seven years is because we believed it was right for them to undauntedly fight unjust actions.

However, since Park Yoochun entered an establishment that sells sex, it is illogical for fans who have helped overthrow unjustness to support him.

JYJ Gallery will withdraw all of the support that has been given to this member.

4. We will work hard to eradicate any speculations and slander that is unrelated to the truth concerning members Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu.

5. Lastly, we’d like to express deep disappointment and anger at Park Yoochun who has trampled over 13-years worth of trust and the youth of fans.” (Source: Soompi)

For the people who are saying that these women are all lying and that they are just looking for money, I will say this. If women were these “predatory” people just out for some quick cash, we would see tons of them coming forward every time a celebrity was in the news for things of this nature, but we don’t. So it’s unfair to accuse them of looking for a come up. Obviously, nothing is impossible, but considering C-Jesinitial suspicious statement, and the number of women coming forward, I’m thinking the odds are Yoochun at the very least is being inappropriate with women.

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