Sexual Assault Charges Against Park Yoochun Dropped

So, yesterday JYJ’s Park Yoochun had charges filed against him for sexual assault of a woman at a adult entertainment/prostitution bar. Police hadn’t made a statement other that there needed to be further investigation of the bar’s CCTV before he was brought in for investigation and of course Yoochun denies the charges.

Early in the day a rumor spread that the charges had been dropped, but the police department denied it, only to confirm it later in the day. The boyfriend of the girl who alleged the assault has released a statement:

We submitted a document to an affiliate of the Seoul Gangnam Police station today at around 6:30 p.m. stating [we] are dropping the charges…An accident happened when A (referring to Ms. Lee) was drunk. When I heard about the accident that day, I got mad and that’s why [we] filed the charges. However, [I] thought it was our fault for not finding out the exact situation of what happened before and after and that’s why the charges were canceled[I] didn’t want outsiders to know when I was filing the charges, but as the incident got reported, the situation got of out hand. A is under a state of shock, and too large of a damage was incurred by the other side.”

The statement is confusing to me, but it sounds like the girl had a sexual encounter some kind, possibly an assault, and he jumped the gun and filed a suit. C-Jes has made this statement:

“Park Yoochun has not received neither the initial notification of charges filed nor of the cancellation from the police…As we stated yesterday, the charges were one-sided claims that had yet to be verified. As we continuously stated, Park Yoochun is above suspicion, and due to a rash report, he has received serious damage to his name.”

Now that charges have been dropped, I wonder if Yoochun and C-Jes will sue her and the boyfriend for defamation? Be sure to follow Asia 24/7 for more info as it is released.

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