Dear K-Dramas: Give Me A Real‏ Woman

Dear K-Dramas: Give Me A Real‏ Woman

I have been an avid watcher of K-Dramas for a long time now, and over the years no matter what the type of drama, historical, rom-com, action, etc., one thing has pretty much remained exactly the same. Women. Regardless of their role in a drama female characters always fall in line with the same generic, misogynistic stereotypes. In my nearly 10 years of drama-watching women’s actions and thought processes have seen basically no evolution. I still see the same discriminatory, derogatory and dangerous narratives about women and their role in relationships, the work place, the home and society being regurgitated through the theatrical stylings of the hottest new actresses, and I for one am sick of it. I am in desperate need of a female lead who I can actually related to, who does the things I would do given I was in their situations. The women I see are so redundant, and so unlike myself that I find myself watching K-Dramas less and less as each year goes by. I love a good K-Drama, but I need K-Dramas to start giving me real women or I’m out.

Dear K-Dramas,

Give me a women who doesn’t let a man drag her around by her wrist, who recognizes that it’s not romantic or manly but something that you are taught how to defend yourself in self defense classes. Let’s just end this move altogether.

Give me a woman who can take a hint. Who gets it that the guy is just not that into you, and is OK with that! Where are the rich, educated, heiresses who are educated and eligible enough to realize it’s a waste of their time to “destroy” a dirt poor, high school drop out in order to “win” a self-centered, self-absorbed man? Where are the women who don’t resort to faking pregnancies in hopes of getting a guy to reciprocate feelings. How about a woman who can actually pick up on when a guy is hitting on her. Like gee, why would a guy be buying you gifts and trying to spend alone time with you?

Give me a woman who can standup for herself, who doesn’t let people physically and verbally abuse her and get away with it. Give me a woman doesn’t need rescuing!


Give me a woman who talks like a grown up in the workplace (and every other area of her life!) Why do you need to be “cute” to give a proposal for the companies next million dollar project? Where are the women who have career goals and don’t just stumble into executive positions?

Give me a woman who can tell a man, flat out, that she’s not interested. Give me a women who calls the cops when a man she has made it explicitly clear to that she wants nothing to do with him, is still showing up in front of her house every night. Give me a woman who DOES NOT get into a relationship with a man who demeans and insults her.

Give me a woman who doesn’t sleep so deeply that she can’t feel the man kissing her while she’s unconscious. That’s illegal! Give me a woman who acts like she’s seen a shirtless man before, who doesn’t let a man invade her personal space.

seriously, wtf is this?

Give me a woman who doesn’t let her marriage be reduced to a business deal. Give me a woman who when she marries into a family despite strong opposition, doesn’t act brand new when they don’t treat her well. Give me a women who doesn’t take her classist mother-in-law’s abuse.

Give me a woman who doesn’t marry a man who’s still attached at the umbilical cord to his mother. Give me a woman who doesn’t beg a cheating husband to stay. Give me a woman who doesn’t let her husband and his family shame her for have fertility issues, and who doesn’t stay in a marriage and a household with a husband and in-laws who would sooner look for a replacement wife before they VISIT A DOCTOR to try and solve the problem! Give me a woman whose professional life doesn’t end at marriage or motherhood. Give me a woman who doesn’t believe she is has depreciated in value because she’s divorced, has had kids, or is divorced with kids.

K-Dramas, I am begging, beseeching, pleading with you to give me bad ass, back bone having, believable, relatable, smart, unique, strong, independent, self respecting, REAL women!

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3 thoughts on “Dear K-Dramas: Give Me A Real‏ Woman

  1. I can not agree more with your words, especially with “woman who is physically and verbally abused”, and no one (even the MAN next to him) defends or makes an attempt to stop the abuse, just watch. In my opinion not only K-Dramas need to project a real woman, but have to stop promoting suicide as part of their culture (as something casual) and the humiliation and violence against women. Especially those scenes where man touches the face of a woman (the famous scene where the woman’s face is pushed with the index finger)… Uff!! I feel so relieved now… JEJE!

    1. I get it, It’s SO frustrating! Let it out. 😊but, you would think in 2016 that these sort of thing wouldn’t happen anymore. Hopefully things will change, VERY soon.

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