Kang In’s Drunk Hit-And-Run Accident Is Something Out Of A TV Show

Kang In of Super Junior has been charged with his second DUI as well as a hit and run. And this was his statement to police during investigation:

“I remember hitting something, but I didn’t know it was a street light pole.”

I never have, never tried, and never will understand the what the thought process is behind someone getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle when they are intoxicated  in anyway. If you’re going somewhere where you know you’ll be partaking in alcohol, don’t even drive yourself there, just to eliminate the possible temptation. In Korea they have designated driver services, so there is literally ZERO excuse for drunk driving, not that there ever is an excuse. So, this story really annoys and angers me, but Kang In’s statement is so incredibly disturbing to me that I can say I am done with him and anything he does from this point onwards.

To say you remember hit something, but wasn’t aware it was a light post suggests that, one other parts of the night may have been foggy, and two you didn’t even stop to check. So he could have hit a person and he wouldn’t have been the wiser. And looking from the pictures of the damage to the light post…



he was going fast enough that if he had hit a person he could have killed a person too. That is literally something out of a drama. Like, I’ve seen scenes like this happen in K-Dramas multiple times, in fact I just saw something similar to this a few weeks ago. Think about that, Kang In’s statement is so ludicrous that it could have been said in television drama.

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