Got7 Put On A Legendary Performance For ‘Fly In Seoul’

I attended Day 1 of Got7’s ‘FLY in Seoul’ tour on April 29th. I screamed, I cried, I sang, I got my entire life, and hands down had one of the most amazing experiences of my life, which I am here to share with you. But first, a bit of bad news. Pictures and video were not permitted…for reasons, and the staff was pretty strict about it, even going as far as taking phones and cameras to deleted footage or just kicking people out all together. Good news, with a bit of searching you can probably find the video/pictures from people that managed to get away with it! But on to the life changing experience that was this concert.


The night was filled with the expected, singing, dancing, rapping, and the unexpected, flip, tricks, and cross dressing. The boys split into teams throughout the night to bring us complete girl group slayage, with MarkJunior, & Youngjae covering G-Friend’s “Me Gustas Tu” and JacksonBamBam & Yugyeom covering Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb.” They even kept the dresses on to perform a few of their own songs. Team RUDE, consisted of Jackson (of course), BamBam & Yugyeom, and Team CUTE consisting of of
 and Mark also made appearances throughout the night to give a variety of energetic, sexy and aegyo laced VCR performances, for one of which Jackson appeared sans shirt. Jackson’s former Roommate Lee Gook Joo made an appearance in Team RUDE’s VCR to teach the boys how to do aegyo. Yugyeom also took a moment to show of his blessed collar bone, and do the infamous Chris BrownTake You Down” Dance (which got censored).


For those of you who live for ships, there was a lot of great shipping moments from MarkSon, JackBam, BamBam&Yugyeom, MarkJR and more.




Unfortunately, our baby JB was injured and could not perform at either concert that weekend, and won’t be able to travel to or appear at a few overseas concerts (keep him i n your prayers), and for all their performances throughout the night the boys left a spot open for JB, including during their talking breaks. During the part of the concert where he was supposed to sing with Youngjae, they left his seat open and focused the camera on it. He did make a special appearance with the help of Jackson, who helped him to the stage to talk. It was a beautiful moment that from Mark, Jackon and Youngjae to tears, which in turn brought me to tears (don’t judge me). More tears flowed during the video put together by the fans to the “Confession Song,” during which they went out to the higher seats to say hello to and touch fans’ hands.

The night was filled with great performances, touching moments and even better fan service, which all worked together to make for a wonderful and memorable concert that I will cherish forever. I want to see your Fly Tour experiences, if you’ve seen the boys in concert share your experiences in the comments below, and share pictures with us on Twitter.

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