3 Reasons Why I Will ALWAYS Be A Big Bang Fan

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I’ve been a fan of Big Bang for nearly 9 years, and they have continuously given me reason after reason to love them. Their music is great, but of course I know that that is relative, so I sat down and narrowed down the top three reasons why Big Bang has earned a lifetime fan in me.

They’re Follicular Sacrifice

I am touched that these boys have just about guaranteed premature balding by dyeing their hair every colour in the rainbow, and changing the texture of their hair so many times over the last 10 years, all in the name of my their fans’ entertainment.


T.O.P (22)

My bias, my boyfriend in my head, T.O.P is life. I will never forget that faithful day in which I watched a man shave his head and proceed to run around town breaking shit with a baseball bat, and wondering who is this and how can I have more of him in my life. He opened my world to the glory and magic that was and is Big Bang, and since walking into this craze world of crazy ass wigs, androgyny, and no f*ck giving, I have NEVER looked back.

Absence Of F*cks

Lastly, but more than anything else, I am grateful and truly blessed for the complete absence of f*cks in just about everything they do, from their music videos,

to their dancing,

to T.O.P’s instagram feed


To be a V.I.P is to be truly blessed and for that I will ALWAYS be a fan of this fabulous five. Tell me in the comments below what it is about Big Bang or your own bias that makes you a fan for life!

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