Do Your Ears A Favour And Make Song So Hee A Part Of Your Playlists

Kpop is great and all, but it’s not the only type of music Korea has to offer. Song So Hee is the minyo (traditional music) prodigy that made her instant rise to fame when she performed on KBS’ “National Singing Contest” at the age of 5. Since then she had huge success performing traditional Korean songs on various shows and events, including the Sochi Winter Paralympics. Lately, she has been blessing our lives on Immortal Song 2 with her traditional styled covers of famous and classic songs.

If somehow you haven’t been blessed by this young woman’s heavenly voice I am here for you with a mini collection of her best covers, duets, and performances!

I Can’t Live Without Love

Song So Hee stirs all the feelings with her cover of the legendary Cho Young Nam’s I Can’t Live Without Love

Solitude Arirang

She slays for days with her 3-1 (March 1st Movement) performance with Hong Kyung Min.


Song So Hee completely owns another old school cover, this time of Gu Chang Mo’s “Lost.”


She gives life with her rendition of Kim Soo Cheol’s “Tomorrow”


Get even more Song So Hee in your lives and on your iPods by watching her other perfomances below and listening to her latest album, New Song

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