[CLOSED] A247 x DramaFever: Win A Year of K-Dramas GIVEAWAY Part 2

We’ve reached our final day of giveaways and for this giveaway our friends at DramaFever are providing ONE FULL YEAR FREE of an Idol Premium subscription and a t-shirt (prize valued at $75) to our winner.

To Win:

1. Respond to the prompt below in the comment section (Be sure to include your SnapChat name)

Everyone who watches K-Dramas is familiar with the plight of the second male lead. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Tell us who your all-time favourite second male lead is, why, and who he should have ended up with.

2. Follow DramaFever on SnapChat (By ID: dramafever or save the following image to add by SnapCode)


3. Follow us on SnapChat (By ID: asia247com or save the following image to add by SnapCode)

SnapCode (Asia 24/7)

4. Submit your answers by April 20th, 2016 EXTENDED TO April 21st, 2016

Winner will be announced Friday April 22nd

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One thought on “[CLOSED] A247 x DramaFever: Win A Year of K-Dramas GIVEAWAY Part 2

  1. I’ve got to say that Kim Woo Bin is always my bae for 2nd lead role. Especially in heirs where he plays a big role as a bully but I liked him. He is just so adorable in School 2013. Best 2nd lead.

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