[CLOSED] A247 x Kpop Note: ‘The Velvet’ GIVEAWAY

A247 x Kpop Note- 'The Velvet' GIVEAWAY [HEADER] (2)

It’s DAY FOUR of our week of sweet giveaways! This time we are giving out one (1) copy of Red Velvet’s latest album, “The Velvet,” which has been provided by Kpop Note. Keep reading to find out how to win.

To Win:

1. Answer the following question in the comment section (Be sure to include your Twitter & Instagram handle with your comment):

If your bias was a cake, what flavour would they be?

2. Follow Kpop Note on Facebook

3. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram

4. Submit your entry by April 19th, 2016

Winner will be announced Friday April 22nd

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16 thoughts on “[CLOSED] A247 x Kpop Note: ‘The Velvet’ GIVEAWAY

  1. My bias in Red Velvet is none other than our lovely leader Bae Joohyun! And if she were a cake I think she would be ‘White Chocolate with Raspberry’. I chose this as her flavor if she were a cake simply because when you combine the sweet richness of white chocolate with the tart fruitiness of raspberry it is surely a winning combination.

    Whether it’s a raspberry jam, raspberry cream or fresh raspberry filling, this delicious pairing would always be refreshing just like Irene.

    She is as sweet as a chocolate and really caring towards her members. And just like the raspberry, Irene has a lot of good personalities that when you combine it with her sweetness, it’s surely a winning combination. So yeah, a White Chocolate with Raspberry. Not too extraordinary yet perfect.

    IG: teyhannah
    Twitter: chonnomtaeng

  2. As a cake, Min Yoogi aka Suga from BTS would be like this: there would be a bitter dark chocolate shell drizzled with a ribbon of raspberry reduction on top. To eat it, you can either crack the shell or pour melted chocolate on it: it will cascade over the tart raspberry gelee globe nestled within, with a core of layered white chocolate mousse and praline crunch that crackles as you nibble on it. A vanilla sponge base soaks up the dribbled chocolate. Best served with Spanish coffee for maximum zing.

    Suga may seem rough & gruff on the outside, but once he lets you into his circle of trusted loved ones and friends, he’s the sweetest, most thoughtful guy, who thinks of all kinds of little ways to make you feel so cherished that it seeps in&warms your heart.

    Thanks for the chance!

    facebook: Clare tea
    IG: icitea
    twitter: mnnsuga

  3. My bias is wendy she suit the red velvet cake the most because her hair is red colour and her group name also red velvet
    twitter and instagrm: @wanbaeby

  4. If Taemin was a cake, he wuold be a lemon cake. It tastes sweet but at the same time is sour. He is very cool, a flower boy, but at the same time he is aloof and manly.

    Facebook: Cristina Amato

    Twitter: @Kiki_1701

    Instagram: CRISTY1701

  5. My bias is Irene, and if she was a cake flavor it would be vanilla or cinnamon. Sweet and a strong yet lightly aroma of calmness, peace.

    Instagram: @88.milk
    Twitter: @blondejongin00

  6. My bias in Red Velvet is Yeri and my ultimate bias is Yuri. So the cake would be caramel because they are both so good looking and if you combine water (Yeri) and sugar (Yuri), you’ll have caramel and yah that’s why it’s caramel. 😀 thank you for the giveaway.

    twitter : kwonleeyush
    fb : Juliana Arango
    i dont have insta if thats okay

  7. My Bias is Wendy.
    On recent comeback, she dyed her hair with red colour so i though if she was a cake, she would definitely be Choc Ripple Cake with vanilla flavor and some red raspberries on top of it.
    Delicious outside, delicious inside.

  8. My bias is Joy! She would be molten lava cake dusted with icing sugar and served with bright red berries and vanilla ice cream! She is sweet and such a pleasure to watch on variety shows and in performances. She can be more sensual and smooth, and still brighten up my day with her laugh and a smile.

  9. It would be… tiramisu! Because I love coffee and this cake is sweet but you can feel the coffee! It give me energy and make me happy, like my bias ❤

  10. If my bias was a cake, the flavor would be blackforest. It is full of whipped cream AND IM TOTALLY WHIPPED TO WENDY plus the cherry has the same color as her hair color lol
    Twitter @thingaw
    Ig @thingaweika

  11. If my bias (ultimate = Onew and Red Velvet bias = Wendy – both absolute cuties ♡) were a cake it would be the classic Victoria Sponge cake, mainly because it’s my favourite! But I would also add strawberries on top to add some more sweetness! @dramarambles (twitter) paperplane_daydream (instagram) ^^

  12. If my bias was to a cake, the flavor would be Mango and Vanilla. No specific reason for choosing this but it’s just that I love mango and vanilla ice cream.

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