AOMG Lights Up NYC On ‘Follow The Movement’ 2016 American Tour

On April 8th, AOMG stopped in NYC for their Follow The Movement 2016 American Tour, and it was LIT! Simon Dominic opened the show with “Simon Says,” and continued through all his AOMG discography, taking a few breaks to make sure we knew he has “skillz” and that while his English isn’t perfect he definitely knows how to say “fuck” (his words). In a special surprise of sorts for his long time fans he ended his set with Supreme Team’s “Daeng Daeng Daeng.” Gray and Loco followed with a joint set, taking time to take to fans, and to mention that Loco was under the weather.

While I am a fan and I think everyone at AOMG are strong artists, the obvious star of the show was Jay Park who caused an eruption of energy from the crowd. He, of course, starting things off slow with his R&B numbers, but things really got heated when the shirt came off, and the show transitioned into his (and the other artists’) more club-friendly numbers.


At one point things got too lit, and Jay Park had to stop the show mid-song when a fight broke out in the pit between two girls (probably due to pushing).

After the show Jay Park addressed the fight and securities lack of action via Twitter in a string of tweets (1, 2, 3, 4)


Overall, AOMG surprised me (to a degree) by delivering one of the best (more specifically the second best) shows I’ve every seen. I mean, I got so into it I forgot about my media duties to do my little two-step in the corner.

Check out our  pics from the show below:

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