[CLOSED] A247 x International Fangirl: ‘Feels So Good’ To GIVE-AWAY

A247 x International Fangirl- 'Feels So Good' To GIVE-AWAY

It was a looong two years without B.A.P, but the boys have made up for all the lost time with their latest album “Carnival.” To celebrate our five years relationship with Kpop and B.A.P’s return, we kick off our week of giveaways by giving away one (1) copy of their party album, “Carnival,” provided by International Fangirl.


To Win:

1. Answer the following question in the comment section (Be sure to include your Facebook name with your comment):

Your bias has long retired from the world of coloured locks, tight paints, and never-ending aegyo, and is finally ready to chronicle all that they have witnessed as a part of Kpop and share it with the world. Give their life’s story a title! (the funnier the better!)

2. Follow International Fangirl on Facebook

3. Follow us on Facebook

4. Submit your entry by April 16th, 2016

Winner will be announced Friday April 22nd

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8 thoughts on “[CLOSED] A247 x International Fangirl: ‘Feels So Good’ To GIVE-AWAY

  1. Title: I’m a badman who runs into a hurricane in this world of warriors

    Facebook: Cristina Amato

    Twitter: @Kiki_1701

  2. it’s a little nasty but… YOU CAN UNDERSTAND T_T

    B.A.P: Back Again (in) Porn
    #sorry #TT

    Instagram / Twitter: angelaproffi
    FB: Angela Izzo

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