Tweet On The Street: Emotions About KaiStal Are All Over The Place

Unless you’re residing under a rock, you’ve heard that KaiStal are a thing! Of course, being made up of two of the biggest idols in Kpop, the news of the new couple lit Twitter up with all sorts of fan reactions.

Of course there was denial

And some dramatics

The state of Kai’s bromance with Taemin was called into question

One person is wondering why Xiumin ain’t getting no love 

While another is wondering where all the support for Baekhyun & Taeyeon was

Some looked on the brighter side

Other’s pointed out that Suho has been dropping hints

Some defending Kai’s right to date without apology

Some were drooling over all the potential shade

And there were even some…well wishes

So far, KaiStal is turning out to be super entertaining! We look forward for everything this couple has in store for us. But, we want to know what you think of KaiStal, tell us in the comments below or send us a tweet!

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