[March Madness] Social Media’s Savviest: ROUND THREE

Cue the drum rolls and trumpets!! It’s time. Your votes have been collected and we have finally narrowed down our group of eight social media dominators to two titans of the interweb. The final round of our March Madness tournament is  showdown between rappers Amber of f(x) and Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

March Madness 2016 Bracket [FINALS]


Amber has been known for her originality since the day she debuted, and has stayed true to herself through her social media presence. She was the first idol to jump on the SnapChat train, and is the only one to host her own Youtube channel, with friend Scott. And, clearly real recognize real ’cause she is friends with just about everyone in the industry.

There isn’t a better nominee for King of social media than G-Dragon with his 8.1 million Instagram followersand 5.4 million Twitter followers! When G-Dragon isn’t blessing us with all sorts of behind-the-scenes goodies for Big Bangand all the fashion events he graces with his presence, he’s hitting us with artsy fartsy realness.

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