Kang Dong Won Is Going To Sue Whoever Said He’s Dating Jung Ryeo Won…I’m Offended

Is this rumour that serious?! I mean read his statement:

“It is completely untrue. We checked with Kang Dong Won and he said he has never met that actress even once. He is apologetic to the actress because these dating rumors keep erupting. The middle-aged singer was also at a loss to how he could introduce people he didn’t even know in the rubbish dating rumor that has nothing to do with YG…Because Kang Dong Won has a sensitive personality, while he suffered because of this malicious rumors, he has endured it.”

Like daaamn! How sensitive can you be? If I was Jung Ryeo Won I’d sue him for making it seem like having a rumoured relationship with me is detrimental to him and his career!

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