As Expected, There’s More To Junhyeok’s Withdrawal From Day6

At the end of January, Junhyeok of Day6 was wrapped up in a bit of a scandal for allegedly dating a fan. Contrary to….well, logic, this pissed off fans enough that it was revealed on February 27th, that Junhyeok would leave the group. Well, as if that logic wasn’t stupid enough, it’s now coming to light that JYP kicked him to curb….in true JYP fashion.

Junhyeok’s last performance w/ Day6

I say in JYP fashion because if this is true that they are the ones who kicked him out, it reminds me a lot of what happened with Jaebeom and his MySpace scandal where it was initially spun to fans that he left of his own accord out of shame,but was later revealed he was kicked out before his scandal was even given time to die down. This time however, they are spinning it as violating a dating ban.

Is it too much to ask that Jay Park let’s him in on some of those CJ E&M checks and sign him to AOMG?

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