6 thoughts on “Even MORE N-Word Bombs Being Dropped, Euaerin Of Nine Muses Uses It During Live Performance

  1. Nooo, I think its ok tbh. Only because she was performing Rihanna’s song. It wasnt used in a malicious context and wasnt directed at anyone so I dont think she should get hate for that. Black people be too sensitive sometimes. She was only singing the lyrics to a popular song. Not targeting all blacks or just saying it just for for fun or something. Please dont hate on her or give her a hard time. She did very well in her performance. We should praise her for that instead of getting upset because of one word used in RIHANNA’S SONG! Rihanna wrote that (or whoever) not Euaerin, she nothing to do with the lyrics. She only harmlessly covered It for fun and entertainment like so many others have.

    1. I agree thay context is important AND that black singers and rappers using it in the song and then expecting other people not to use it is a problem however it’s not hard to adjust the lyrics when you know that it’s a word that offends a large group of people not all of the black community has a problem with it but a large group does. It’s a respect and a common sense thing.

    2. I’m not going to give her a hard time nor hate her but I will condemn her for using the word period. that’s like saying it’s okay for white people to say the n-word because they heard it in a rap song. No we are not to sensitive considering rampant anti-blackness in K-Pop and Asia.

  2. I’m telling you we should’ve started jumping years ago we are some good people considering we haven’t crack down on people for all the hell went and still going through.

    1. I think that with Kpop and the Korean Music industry there is just a lack of diversity and therefore a lack of people to really break down and explain why they can’t just drop that word.

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