It’s Safe To Say, Something Is Up With Hyunseung of B2ST

Skipping a fan meet to meet with a girl, sleeping during an interview, and stopping mid-performance and refusing to participate for a whole minute! Considering all the other incidences he’s had that have ticked off netizens, I am going to call on all my future telling abilities and make a prediction, and say something big is coming with Hyunseung. Either the group is going to disband or he is leaving B2ST, but something is happening with CUBE and B2ST and Hyunseung and he is over it.

Note, a disbandment is not too far fetched since the group’s labelmate’s, 4minute, hinted that disbandment is a very real possibility for them. But, both CUBE and Hyunseung have issued an apology for his behaviour during the performance and as of late:

Jang Hyunseung recognizes all of the issues brought up online and acknowledges the controversy caused by his attitude, and is currently reflecting on his actions. We also fully realize our negligence in managing our artist and we plan to do our best to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. We once again bow our heads in apology for causing many people concern over this issue. Thank you.


Hello this is Jang Hyunseung. I’m really sorry for concerning fans with negative news recently. I have no excuses, it is my fault and I am recognizing it as a result of my carelessness and reflecting for it. I have mustered the bravery to share my genuine feelings for the fans who love B2ST and me. I once again greatly apologize for concerning you.


Credit: Asian Junkie

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