The Semi-Anti-Valentine’s Day Playlist

Another year, another lonely Valentine’s Day, another playlist. Flying solo on Valentine’s Day can be a downer, but I’m a firm believer that music is the best remedy, which is why I’m here for you my fellow singles with a little K-Music therapy. So grab your own box of chocolates, sit back and enjoy our Semi-Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist!

Keep The Drinks Coming

‘Cause a drink (or two…or five) helps with all the emotions

Pour Up

Valentine’s Day Is For Chumps!

This holiday is so commercialized!

No Love by Lucky J

Let’s Not Fall In Love by Big Bang

No More No Love by Park Jin Young

Love Is Nothing But Heartbreak Anyway

Who needs all that stress…

Bounced Checks of Love by Lee Hyori

F*ck Boy by Jay Park

And there you have it, our not too hateful, but not too loving Valentine’s Day playlist. Tell us what songs you would add in the comments and have a…

Happy Valentine’s Day

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