Kpop Stars & Their American Pop Counterparts

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We’ve all heard our favorite Kpop stars referred to as ‘The Korean’ something. Shisus knows everyone and their mother has been named the “Asian Justin Bieber,” and undoubtedly we’ve all been annoyed or straight up confused by so some of these comparisons. On one hand I agree it’s not exactly fair to compare anyone to Beyoncé or Rihanna or Nicki Minaj because they are their own artist, but on the other hand it’s just good ol’ fashioned fun, and I want in on the fun. So, I’ve decided to through my hat into the ring with my own list of Kpop artists and their American Kpop counterparts.

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EXID > Fifth Harmony

EXID is, in my book, the Korean Fifth Harmony because the careers of both groups have gone through similar transformations over the past few years. Both had slow starts, but with the help of one single catching fire their fame shot up and through the roof, and now are now they are pretty much household names.

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SPICA > Little Mix

If EXID is Fifth Harmony, then SPICA is Little Mix. SPICA, like Little Mix with Fifth Harmony, SPICA made their debut around the same time as EXID. While both groups were experiencing similar popularity in the beginning, EXID and Fifth Harmony, almost overnight, became huge groups, while SPICA and Little Mix, despite major vocal talents, have yet to find their career defining song.

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SS501 > NSync | Kim Hyun Joong > Justin Timberlake

Right up until recent events with Kim Hyun Joong, boy bands SS501 and ‘Nsync had pretty similar career paths. They were incredibly popular as a group, but one member, Kim Hyun Joong and Justin Timberlake, went on to superstardom while the other members maintained relatively moderate fame. And, despite calls for a reunion of some sort from fans, the breakout member just isn’t having it.

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HyunA > Rihanna

I’ll start of by saying HyunA is FAR from being the Korean Miley Cyrus for a number of reasons, the biggest being that she is not NEARLY as controversial or excessive as Miley. Rather, HyunA is more fittingly the Korean Rihanna. Why? Well, both shot to superstardom with sexually tame singles (Change and Umbrella), but since then have become increasingly (and controversially) sex and sexy oriented with every new musical release. And, despite major criticism from their fans and the public in general, they refuse to make any changes.

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Jay Park > Chris Brown

Okay, let me start by saying I KNOW JAY PARK HAS NEVER HIT A WOMAN. However, that does not need to correlate in order for this match up to make sense. First off, on the most superficial level these two are similar because of their rather sudden love of tattoos, however, lets dig a bit further. Both started out by making a name for themselves through their dance ability and their R&B vocals. However, after a rough patch in their careers their music began to shift away from being primary love songs and R&B songs to club bangers and less-than-woman-friendly Hip Hop/Rap songs.

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Ailee > Jennifer Hudson

No, Ailee is NOT the Korean Beyoncé. Sorry folks. Yes, she has great singing ability, and can command a stage, but unfortunately for those of you who like to make the link, her career and popularity is in no way similar to Queen B. Ailee, and her career, is more similar to Jennifer Hudson. First and foremost, they are vocal powerhouses who shot to stardom with their amazing talent. However, I’ve always felt that both singers, for whatever reason, stubbornly avoid the type of music that really suits their voices best, ballads, in favor of dance music. And, while they can put on a good choreographed performance, nothing beats them standing on stage with nothing but a mic and their voice.

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Lee Hyori > Beyoncé

People will fight me on this one, but if ANYONE is the Korean Beyoncé, it’s Lee Hyori, not Ailee (as I mentioned), and NOT Hyorin of Sistar. Why not Hyorin, you ask? Well, while she may be the general favorite in her girl group, her members hold their own, and people don’t seem to love Hyorin solo AS MUCH as they love Sistar as a whole, which we saw through her solo promotions.

This, however, is not the case for Lee Hyori. Since the beginning, Lee Hyori was the stand out member of her group, Fin.K.L, and went on to have even more success as a solo artist, just like Yonce. While she didn’t marry herself a Jay Z, she is still one Korea’s most beloved celebs, who has been known to cause an item to sell out for a company just by wearing it. If that isn’t Queen B esque, I don’t know what is.

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