[Playlist] Surviving Winter Storm Jonas

Hello my fellow East Coasters! This playlist is for all of us who are currently cooped up inside as Winter Storm Jonas covers us in a thick layer of snow. Grab yourselves a big mug of hot cocoa, a blanket, sit back and relax to our collection of winter & snow themed K-Songs.

얼음 땡 (Ice Ice) ft. 육지담 (Yuk Ji Dam)

First, let’s warm things up by getting turnt to HyunA and Yuk Ji Dam spitting straight fire!

겨울이오면 (If Winter Comes)

Keeping it Hip Hop with some Dynamic Duo

춥다 (It’s Cold) ft. 이하이 (Lee Hi)

Slow it down a bit and satisfy your Lee Hi needs (coughs and glances at YG) with her Epik High collabo

Only You (Winter Special)

Now, a little throw back to when 2pm had seven members and all was right with the world

발자국 (On The Snow)

Then some new school Kpop with a little EXO

첫 눈 (The First Snow)

A little more EXO, ’cause…EXO

얼음꽃 (Ice Flower)

Now, close it out with some powerful Ailee vocals to give you all the feels

Tell us the songs you have on your storm survival playlist in the comments below

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