Farewell 2015: Top 25 Songs of 2015

The Year’s Best list is back, however thing are little bit differently. This year I was really busy (and a little bit lazy), so instead of spending weeks trying to sort out all the year’s songs in order of best to…least best, I am just listing out the songs I felt were the 25 greatest of 2015 in no particular order.


아끼지마 (Don’t Be Shy) ft. 초아 (ChoA) & 아이언 (Iron)

by 프라이머리 (Primary)

Album: 2-3 | Release: July 24, 2015 | [Listen]

“Don’t Be Shy” is the best type song for two up and comers like ChoA and Iron because the simple and less complicated reggae beat required them both to come with their A game, and that they did. Up until this song I paid zero attention to anything AOA related. With this song Primary made me pay attention to someone I had no desire to pay attention to before plus he made ChoA sound like so much better a singer than any AOA song ever did, which proves he is a king and should be cherished.


마네퀸 (Mannequin) ft. 빈지노 (Beenzino) & 수란 (Suran)

by 프라이머리 (Primary)

Album: 2-2 | Release: June 5, 2015 | [Listen]

Of course Beenzino did great things with his feature on this song, but the stand out was Suran who came out of absolutely nowhere this year, which I am completely here for.

Other Greats Featuring Suran:  골드핑거 (Gold Finger) ft. 수란 (Suran)오만과 편견 (Pride and Prejudice) ft. 수란 (Suran)쎄다 (Poached Egg) ft. 수란 (Suran)
Other Primary Greats: Etunnel ft. 개코 (Gaeko)공드리 (Gondry) ft. 김예림 (Lim Kim)

Natural Born Teen Top

아침부터 아침까지 (Ah Ah)

by 틴탑 (Teen Top)

Album: Natural Born Teen Top | Release: June 22, 2015 | [Listen]

Just this once, I’ll overlook the recycled choreography since “Ah Ah” is one of Teen Top’s best songs.

Boys And Girls

Boys And Girls ft. Babylon

by 지코 (Zico)

Album: Boys And Girls | Release: November 3, 2015 | [Listen]

Addictive summertime fabness! I love this song, I really do, but Babylon singing “I’m a Boy, you are a girl” 50x in a row has me waiting for him to say this next:

We get it. You’re a boy.

The 1st Mini Album 'Base'

Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) ft. 아이언 (Iron)

by 종현 (Jonghyun)

Album: The 1st Mini Album ‘Base’ | Release: January 12, 2015 | [Listen]

All the sexy! OMG Jonghyun’s falsettos give me all the feels. And…I see you Iron.

Other Jonghyun Greats This Year: 데자-부 (Deja-Boo) ft. 자이언 티 (Zion.T)

3집 - Reboot

사랑이 떠나려 할 때 (Faded Love)

by 원더걸스 (Wonder Girls)

Album: Reboot | Release: August 3, 2015 | [Listen]

This was a triumphant year for the Wonder Girls. They proved everyone, myself included, wrong and made an strong comeback. While “I Feel You” was a good song, “사랑이 떠나려 할 때 (Faded Love)” was the song that stood out most to me on “Reboot.” I wish someone at JYP would have pitty on my poor soul and give this song the choreography and music video it deserves.

Other Primary Greats: Candle ft. PaloaltoI Feel You, Rewind, John Doe

偏心 (Unfair)/불공평해 (Unfair)

by 엑소-K (EXO-K)

Album: SING FOR YOU – 겨울 스페셜 앨범, 2015 | Release: December 10, 2015 | [Listen]

This wasn’t quite a Christmas song, but was released in December so I’ll say we got one of our Kpop Christmas wishes granted. Why this was not given a video in favour of “Sing For You” will always confuse me.

Other EXO Greats This Year: Love Me Right, Transformer, EXODUS

4 Walls - The 4th Album

Traveler ft. 지코 (Zico)

by f(x)

Album: 4 Walls | Release: October 27, 2015 | [Listen]

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this collaboration, but I thank the Kpop gods that it happened! I know I said I wouldn’t be ranking these picks this year, but I can confidently say if I was this would be in the top 3.

Other f(x) Greats This Year: 4 Walls, Papi, Diamond

M (Single)


by Big Bang

Album: M (Single) | Release: May 1, 2015 | [Listen]

Big Bang does these ballad type songs so well, and “Loser” is their best yet. What I loved most about “Loser” though, is that it’s kind of like the group’s version of 2ne1’s “Ugly.” 

Other Big Bang Greats: 뱅뱅뱅 (Bang Bang Bang), Bae Bae, 우리 사랑하지 말아요 (Let’s Not Fall In Love)

3rd Mini Album- Just Right

딱 좋아 (Just Right)

by Got7

Album: 3rd Mini Album- Just Right | Release: July 13, 2015 | [Listen]

Got7’s “Just Right” is the self esteem boost I needed this year. I love this group, and contrary to popular opinion, this is their best song yet and of the year, not “니가 하면 (If You Do).”

The Red

Dumb Dumb

by 레드벨벳 (Red Velvet)

Album: The Red | Release: September 9, 2015 | [Listen]

Dumb Dumb is just so darn catchy, and it being the biggest earworm of the year doesn’t hurt that either. With “Dumb” repeated 219 times, of course its not the most lyrically profound song, but the song does it’s job.

Other Red Velvet Greats: Don’t U Wait No More, Huff n Puff, Ice Cream Cake, Red Dress

Awesome (Single)

Awesome ft. 박재범 (Park Jaebeom) & Gray

by 로꼬 (Loco)

Album: Awesome | Release: May 20, 2015 | [Listen]

THIS SONG IS SO AWESOME! Loco NEEDS more exposer. He is so consistence with releasing good, cohesive albums but he is definitely not as well known as he should be.


Solo ft. Hoody

by 박재범 (Park Jaebeom)

Album: Solo | Release: September 24, 2015 | [Listen]

This song was Jay Park’s best song this year as well as his best since “Abandoned,” and I need more of this type of music from him in the coming year! Enough with the wannabe gangster rapping.

Other Jay Park Greats: My Last ft. 로꼬 (Loco) & Gray, 뻔하잖아 (You Know) ft. Okasian, 몸매 (MOMMAE) ft. Ugly Duck

Simple Mind

알면 다쳐 (Love Game)

by 김예림 (Lim Kim)

Album: Simple Mind | Release: April 27, 2015 | [Listen]

Lim Kim had a rocky with her debut, but I definitely saw her growth with this album. There were so many good songs to pick from, but “알면 다쳐 (Love Game)” was her best blending of her singing style and mainstream sound. I’m looking forward to what she does in the coming year.

Other Lim Kim Greats: 바람아 ft. 빈지노 (Beenzino), 먼저 말해 (You First), Awoo

The 4th Album 'Odd'


by 샤이니 (SHINee)

Album: The 4th Album ‘Odd’ | Release: October 19, 2015 | [Listen]

I wish I could have gotten behind the rest of this album like everyone else, but unfortunately I wasn’t feeling it so much. However, while I don’t care for the album as a whole, “View” is one of the greatest songs this year. The boys…excuse me, the men look so mature and Minhoumph

Other SHINee Greats: Married to the Music, Trigger


Do You

by 래프먼스터 (Rap Monster)

Album: RM | Release: March 19, 2015 | [Listen]

If not for “Do You,” Rap Monster’s solo album, “RM,” would be one of the worst of the year. That is the power of “Do You.”

The 2nd Album 'Exodus' [Korean Version]

Call Me Baby

by 엑소-K (EXO-K)

Album: The 2nd Album ‘Exodus’ [Korean Version] | Release: March 28, 2015 | [Listen]

I started this year thinking nothing EXO will ever will ever be better than “으르렁 (Growl)” was…then “Call Me Baby” happened. We hit a bit of a bump in the road with that false alarm leak, but then on March 28th 2015 my life was changed.

7th Album - 칠집싸이다

I Remember You ft. 자이언 티 (Zion.T)

by 싸이 (Psy)

Album: 7th Album – 칠집싸이다 Release: released December 1, 2015 | [Listen]

ANOTHER collaboration I didn’t think of but am so grateful someone did! ‘Nough said.

Other Psy Greats: 나팔바지, Daddy ft. 씨엘 (CL), Dream ft. 시아준수 (Xiah Junsu), ROCKnROLLbaby ft. will.i.am, 좋은날이 올거야 ft. 전인권 (Jeon In Kwon)



by 제시 (Jessi)

Album: 쎈언니 | Release: September 15, 2015 | [Listen]

Listening to Jessi makes me feel like a rapper. Every time “쎈언니” comes on I get turnt. I just want to be her friend.


그냥 (Just)


Album: Young | Release: February 2, 2015 | [Listen]

This is my go to song for a rainy day soundtrack. Every time I hear this song I just want to curl up with a pint of ice cream and scroll through relatable memes about single life. Okay, it might not sound like it, but that’s a good thing.

Other HyunA Greats: 얼음 땡 (Ice Ice) ft. 육지담 (Yuk Ji Dam)


부끄부끄 ft. EE, 래프먼스터 (Rap Monster) & Dino-J


Album: WondaLand | Release: March 19, 2015 | [Listen]

CAN.WE.TALK?! This song speaks to my Hip Hop heart. The features, the raps, Rap Monster, Tiger JK, YOON MI RAE! Fire.

The 3rd Mini Album- 화양연화 (The Mood of Love) Part 1

쩔어 (Dope)

by 방탄소년단 (Bangtan Boys)

Album: The 3rd Mini Album- 화양연화 (The Mood of Love) Part 1 | Release: June 23, 2015 | [Listen]

For the choreography alone, Bangtan Boys earned a spot on this list, but in addition to that this song is just club banging, makes-you-think-you’re-rapper-so-you-perform-it-when-you’re-alone-in-your-room (not that I’ve ever done that), greatness!

Other Bangtan Boys Greats: 홍탄소년단 (Fun Boyz), 뱁새

3집 - Flower

꽃 (Flower) ft. 타블로 (Tablo)

by 시아준수 (Xiah Junsu)

Album: 3집 – Flower | Release: March 3, 2015 | [Listen]

This song is theatrical and grand and makes me feel like I’m in a dramatic love scene with XIA atop a mountain. Plus Tablo (need I say more about that?). Xiah has found his happy place with theater and I am here for it.

보통연애 (Single)

보통연애 (Ordinary Love) ft. 박보람 (Park Boram)

by 박경 (Park Kyung)

Album: 보통연애 (Single) | Release: September 21, 2015 | [Listen]

It’s nice to see Block B members show us something different. Kyung stood out, at least to me, because he wasn’t doing what his members were doing and sprinkled a little cuteness on his image. Here for it!

Song For You

권태중독 (Boredom Addiction) ft. 선우정아

by MC몽 (Mong)

Album: Song For You | Release: March 2, 2015 | [Listen]

I’m not sure how people are feeling about MC Mong now that he’s back, but I suppose it’s a good sign that this album sold well, but I will fight to the death with any person who says this song is not everything and all things.

Other MC Mong Greats: 하얗게 (White) ft. Richard Parkers

Tell us which songs you thought were the best of 2015 in the comments below

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