Dear Kpop: Here Is Our Christmas List

Dear Kpop- Here Is Our Christmas List

Christmas is coming soon and there are so many things we want. But, to help make it easier for Kpop, we’ve made our list of must haves and we’ve checked it twice!


1. Another EXO Christmas Album

‘Cause the first one was of Mariah Carey-ian proportions.


2. An Official Fandom Name for f(x)

We got the solo tour, now all we need to make the year perfect is that fan name. Lay it on us SM.

Big Bang

3. That Big Bang Album

I’m still not sure why they postponed the release of their full MADE album. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume its because there are/were going to be more new songs and they didn’t have time to promote AND tour. Whatever the reason, album please.

Minzy & Park Bom

4. For Minzy & Park Bom To Do Something

I’m over the trolling so I won’t even push for a 2ne1 album, but for the love of Shisus, Minzy and Park Bom need to get back to the stage and back to slaying.

Tae Yang

5. The Return of “Star Dance Battle”

I’ve truly been lost since the end of “Star Dance Battle.” I don’t know what needs to happen, who needs to be slipped an extra $20 this Christmas but the end of the year tradition that brought us these glorious 2 minutes and 7 seconds…

…needs to COME BACK!

Tell us what you have on your Kpop Christmas list!

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