What We Were Thankful For in 2015

What We Were Thankful For in 2015

Thanksgiving is around the corner in the States and the new year is almost here. 2015 has been a interesting year for Kpop, and in the season of giving of thanks we have a list of all the things from 2015 that we are truly grateful for.

That B.A.P survived legal issues with their agency

They did the impossible

For Call Me Baby and that it didn’t sound ANYTHING like the rumored demo

So grateful this didn’t turn into Wolf 2.o

For the debut of Minho’s adult body

Those arms *drool*

That Tae Yang finally got him a girlfriend

VIP or not, you have to admit it was just time

For the Wonder Girls’ transformation, return and domination

The girls defied odds and slayed all

For G-Dragon shading the Kpop world

Just hilarious

That T.O.P’s debut on social media was everything we thought it would be and more…

thank you for all the abstract art, furniture, selfies, pictures of Seungri’s feet…

and for his unapologetic Aunt Gayle phase

and even thank you for the pig anuses thing

For Big Bang, Stellar and Brown Eyed Girls making 2015, the year of sexual innuendos

It was a year about sex, and we’re okay with that

That the erotic fan fiction panel was NOT brought to New York KCON

Thank you Kpop gods for sparing us the awkwardness

For all the laughs that we had courtesy of Kris, Tao & Luhan’s solo projects

Um…at least they tried


For Kpop’s first step towards racial diversity

It was rocky one, but a first step all the same

For Big Bang making a FOUR MONTH long comeback

THANK YOU for ending the three year long troll

Tell us what you’re thankful for in the comments!!


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