Um, EXO….Where Are The Lightsabers?


When I first heard about EXO doing a collaborative song and video with the Star Wars franchise as promotion for the movie coming in the December, I questioned the logic because this Star Wars movie is probably one of the most advertised, and highly anticipated films of the year and they really don’t need to spend any extra money convincing people to go watch it. On top of that, I doubt that the EXO fanbase, teen girls, are even that interested in Star Wars. But, I took it with a grain of salt and waited with anticipation after watching an intriguing teaser.

Well…as I partially expected it was a miserable fail.

There were so many flaws and holes in this video that it’s apparent that it was a last minute idea and therefore, incredibly rushed. And therefore, I have some huge issues with this whole thing:

1. What Is This Song?

Not EXO’s best body of work…

2. What Happened to Signature SM?

I know that I was one of the fans that were calling for SM to make videos with storylines and to stop producing music videos where they had their groups dancing in a large, well lit rooms, but if ever there was a time to use that style of video, this would’ve been it. For goodness sake only three members appeared in the video! And it was the dance line at that! Why couldn’t they just choreograph a fly dance number using the lightsabers as a prop?


What I can’t seem to understand is how three incredibly wealthy company like SM Entertainment, Disney, and the Star Wars franchise were not be able to pay for some CG effects and show some actual lightsabers for a music video called “Lightsaber?” I mean they were using what looked like actual lightsaber props.

4. Lights Do Not Equal Lightsabers

There was a hilarious focus on actual lights throughout the video. Again, rather than using actual lightsabers, the video was mostly shots of a poorly lit hallway, bar, store, and alleyway.

Nice try though.

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