“You’ll respect me after listening to this rap”…Or So Chanyeol Thought

Chanyeol (2)

Chanyeol of EXO recently featured for Heize on “Unpretty Rapstar,” and no one was ready for the realness of his bars:

“Peekaboo, why a pretty boy on ‘Unpretty Rapstar’?
I’m radio, I earn money by my voice, not face,
I’m EXO, I represent Korea, I grow up with love,
I work hard and make money.

My popularity is above Mnet,
I know my position exactly,
Girls yearn for me,
You’ll respect me after listening to this rap.

Sorry, Lee Soo Man president-nim,
Let me do some hip-hop today,
Motherfucker, I’ll also do some curse,
Maybe the fans will go to Hong Kong after this rap.

My bank account is like a cemetery, there are more and more 0s,
Tomorrow, I’m again going to the airport to earn money,
I earn money, earn money, much more than other idols.”


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Credit: Asian Junkie


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