Profound Thoughts: iKon’s Debut Is The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Rush YG


iKon finally made their debut, and well…it was something. They released two MVs, one for Empty 2.0 aka “Airplane,”

and one for “Rhythm Ta.”

The songs are fine, for the most part, but not unique and definitely nothing to stand up to the group’s competition, Got7 and especially Bangtan Boys. Overall, it was very apparent that they rushed to get something out to make up for a year of empty promises from the CEO to fans. YG clearly had no time to carve out a completely unique image for the group, and as a result we got, what I feared we were going to get, a WINNER cover band.

Not a bueno move for the group’s debut.

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3 thoughts on “Profound Thoughts: iKon’s Debut Is The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Rush YG

    1. I don’t think you have to debut at the same time. Big Bang and DBSK debuted 3 years apart, but were considered competition for many years.
      iKon, BTS, and to a lesser degree Got7, have a similar Hip Hop-esque image, and they are part of the same wave, and target similar groups. So I would say they are competition.

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