Dear Wonder Girls, Apologies (And Congrats) Are In Order

Dear Wonder Girls, Apologies (And Congrats) Are In Order

I’m just gonna come right out and say it, I. WAS. WRONG.

I was wrong about everything from doubting your ability to bounce back from sure demise brought on by the mismanaging hands of Mr. Plastic Pants, to doubting the whole retro band makeover.

With the departure of Sunye, and then Sohee, I didn’t believe that the Wonder Girls would or could ever regain what they had during the days of “Tell Me,” “So Hot,” and “Nobody.” I was absolutely convinced that the Wonder Girls were a thing of the past that needed to be put waaay out of it’s misery.  

But then, the other day as I was listening to Reboot,” and scrolling through Kpop news reading about Yubin on the Unpretty Rapstars 2, and the girls appearing in almost every major magazine, it hit me that the Wonder Girls are back, and it happened without me realizing it. While all of Kpop was distracted by other girl groups doing the same thing they’ve always done, the Wonder Girls were quietly taking big strides back to greatness.

First, Ha:tfelt and Sunmi had two of the best albums of 2014. Then, Sunmi returned to the group, then the girls completely reinvented themselves as real musicians and classics with the release of “Reboot,” then the whisper made it’s triumphant return, and lastly (but not least…ly?) Yubin is making a more serious name for herself a rapper on Unpretty Rapstars 2.

I misjudged you, Wonder Girls, and was wrong about it all, and for that I am sorry.


while I AM sorry to you for not having more faith in your resilience, make NO mistake, I am NOT sorry to JYP.


Because, JYP derail the Wonder Girls on their way to being one of the most legendary girl groups in Kpop history with his Psy-scaled, “America Dream” laced ambitions. I am STILL super pissed about how The Asian Soul handled dropped the ball with the Wonder Girls‘ ( and ALL his artists’) careers in 2012, one of the most pivotal times in Kpop.

But, despite all that, considering the evolution/transformation the Wonder Girls have made, both individually and as a group, a small amount of my strong feelings of dislike for JYP has subsided, and I guess I can at least say everything happens for a reason, because now, after all that adversity, the girls have returned to their thrones as one of THE best girl groups in the Kpop industry.

And nothing, make me happier.

How do you feel about the Wonder Girls’ return? Comment below

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