[Playlist] 5 Songs To Help You Remember The Summer Fondly

[Playlist] 5 Songs To Help You Remember The Summer Fondly (2)

Summer is winding down, school is about start, and we’re FAR from ready to let go of the days of fun in the sun! Unfortunately, we can’t actually turn back time, but we can try with a Kpop playlist to help you ease into the fall while holding on to the best parts of your summer.



This song was definitely not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good! While most other groups stuck to the beachy theme for their summer numbers, Infinite took a darker approach to things. Together with their signature synchronized choreography this was easily one of the most memorable songs of the summer (and the year).


Bangtan Boys

Every new song that Bangtan Boys come out with is always better than the previous ones as we see here with “Dope.” For a group that’s still relatively new they rival the big names out on the K-pop scene. This song just like Infinite’s newest deviates away from the summery tones and brings back the fun-loving, in-your-face lyrics that the group is known for.

My House


2PM brought the sexy back to K-pop in “My House,” a smooth jam that fits the mood and maturity of the boys. Its such a nice song that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to dance.  This is a great performance that shows off Jun K’s great ad-libbing and how about those slick footwork moves included that help make the song seem effortless.  Sure this isn’t “ADTOY” but it’ll do until their next sexy comeback.

Love Me Right


This particular comeback from EXO had me taken aback because I have never seen them so energetic and happy before. “Love Me Right” is just the right song to promote in the summer, its fun and light with some funky overtones, something that the boys definitely needed. They are glowing with happiness and its good to see that the past couple of months haven’t dampened the groups morale.

Bang Bang Bang

Big Bang

At first, this song wasn’t my cup of tea, but darn that catch beat! “Bang Bang Bang,” or  Fantastic Baby 2.0 as we like to refer to it here, is the banger (pun intended) of the summer!

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Tell us which song you have on your farewell to summer playlist in the comments and on our Twitter!

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